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No Hard Feelings

Ain't my job
To fuck you on your birthday
Ain't my job
To fuck you on your birthday anymore
Ain't my job
To fuck you on your birthday
Ain't my job
To fuck you on your birthday anymore

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Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss

Uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss baby

Dog will hunt i'm the front end loader travoltin' over so try my slam on for size
Drive stick with that kubg-fu grip let the banana split and watch it go right to...

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We are "cop rock" we are screech
We are z. cavaricci
We are laser removed
Tasmanian devil tattoos

We are third string we are puck
We are special people's club
We are the half shirts with...

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Something Diabolical

Eventide rise for ritual
With the thrill of a kill vengefully the engine will
Roar forth steer the dead leave forced
Driven by fear shift gears veer towards
The foolishly equipped swift these ...

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Ralph Wiggum

I'm going to africa yes ma'am i'm a brick waas president licoln okay? mitten
There's a dog in the vent chicken necks? i pick ken griffey jr. i fell out 2 times
I'm pedaling backwards this snowflak...

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Farting With A Walkman On

I know you're gonna play when you get wind
I heard you're full of shit so i've been duped again
But if you cover your ass with the same old song
You might as well be farting farting with a walkm...

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I'm The Least You Could Do

It always sucks refolding the kind of map
Needed when i get stuck where the sun don't shine the fact
Is if i just shut up my rubbered stamp could flag you as dumb

It ain't your mind you're giv...

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Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo

Vulcanize the whoopee stick
In the ham wallet

Cattle prod the oyster ditch
With the lap rocket

Batter dip the cranny ax
In the gut locker

Retrofit the pudding hatch
Ooh la la

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Balls Out

Potent is the flow which is wicked sick
So hos of those that pounce bounce slow on the dick
Potent is the flow which is wicked sick
So hos of those that pounce bounce slow on the dick

I don'...

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Strictly For The Tardcore

[Jimmy Pop:] Eminem's gotta cuss in his raps to sell records, well me too, so fuck Will Smith!

[DJ Q-Ball:] That don't rhyme.

[Jimmy Pop:] Drats.

[both laugh]...

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We gonna drop this next bomb for a money makin' playa that ain't with us no mo.
Yeah, notorious b.i.g.
Hell no, we gonna do this for a gangbanging thug that never seen it comin'.
Yeah, tupac shakur...

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Ooh, that was creepy
I would rather slurp rancid tunasalad out of my own ass
Or scour my boobies off with a rusty sls pad
Or hump a piece of splintered ......

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Hell Yeah

Alright now boys and girls we've got another story for you now!
We want to introduce to you another friend of the bible!

Hell yeah
Hell yeah
Hell yeah
Hell yeah

If I were God there would be ...

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I Hope You Die

You must die I alone am best!

I hope ya flip some guy the bird
He cuts you off and you're forced to swerve
In front of the beatles' tour bus
A bookmobile and a mack truck
Hauling hazardous biol...

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Take The Long Way Home

May I have your attention please?
May I have your attention please?

Did you ever read voltaire's candide?
He says live life at benny hill freak out speed
Not a quote of what he wrote but a pa...

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The 10 Coolest Things About New Jersey

Here are the 10 coolest things about new jersey!!! hit it boys! get away from
Me! can't you see, I'm just losing you!!! aren't you just on your own? the new
Things!!! 10, s***, 9, f***, 8, c*** and ...

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The Bad Touch

Ha-ha! well now we call this the act of mating
But there are several other very important differences
Between human beings and animals that you should know about

I'd appreciate your input


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The Ballad of Chasey Lain

Dear chasey lain
I wrote to explain
I'm your biggest fan
I just wanted to ask
Could I eat your ass?
Write back as soon as you can

You've had a lotta dick
Had a lotta dick
I've had a lotta t...

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Turn Clyde

Times new roman you know the type
Calling me public enemy, but don't believe the hype
Tough guy like the one in star 80 wanna bait me
Hook line sinker now your lady wanna date me
Gave your gir...

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История в фотографиях (728)


Немецкая супермодель Хайди Клум в фотосессии 2003 года. Кэтрин Зета-Джонс - британская актриса. Рут и Эллиот Хэндлеры — создатели известных Барби и Кена, основатели компании Mattel. Предприниматели да...

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Скарлетт Йоханссон для V Life, 2004 год. Карен Мюлдер для «Vogue», 1992 год. Викки Дуган — американская модель и звезда Playboy, вдохновила художников на создание персонажа Джессики Рэббит из фильма «...

5 умерших актеров фильма «Одиноким предоставляется общежитие»


июне 1984-го на экраны вышел фильм «Одиноким предоставляется общежитие». Мелодраму о советской свахе посмотрели 23 млн зрителей. А затем кинокартина вошла в коллекцию популярных фильмов о любви, кото...

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Нив Кэмпбелл, 1997 год. Женщины на мотоциклах в Великобритании, 1930-е годы. Моника Беллуччи, 2002 год. Фрида Кало, 1939 год....

История в фотографиях (725)


Надя Ауэрман, 1995 год. Американская актриса Ребекка Де Морнэй, 1980-е. Ванесса Уильямс - певица и актриса, 1990-е. Последний снимок сумчатого волка, 1933 год. На сегодняшний день этот вид прекратил с...

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Тpи нeвecты Дpaкулы в фильмe «Βaн Χeльcинг»/ Сборщики фруктов отдыхают в саду в 1950-х годах. Кристен Белл в фотосессии Rolling Stone & Nylon Mag, 2000-ые. Японский шлем Кабуто, XVII век....