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50 cent 05.06.2020 22:25:42

“I love you like a fat kid loves cake.”

A La Disposition 05.06.2020 22:25:42

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.

A Perfect Circle 05.06.2020 22:25:42

Don't disturb the beast, the tempermental goat, the snail while he's feeding on the Rose.

A Static Lullaby 05.06.2020 22:25:42

Brett, Dan, and I were in a hardcore band, and Phil was in another band.

A-ha 05.06.2020 22:25:42

After A-ha disbanded in 1993, I worked as a visual artist and became involved in writing music for theatre and ballet and film scores - one won the Silver Bear Award at the Berlin Film Festival.

A-Teens 05.06.2020 22:25:42

It felt really good for us to make that decision to sing our own songs.

A.F.I. 05.06.2020 22:25:42

Some of them are still in song infancy and will later be sort of re-addressed.

A1 05.06.2020 22:25:42

By doing what we've done we've managed to gain a new audience because a lot of people who might have felt guilty about liking boy band music before can see that there is some actual talent behind this for whatever reason, So I think they don't feel so stupid listening to the music, which has helped.

Abigor 05.06.2020 22:25:42

Abigor was formed in mid-summer 1993.

ABK 05.06.2020 22:25:42

LL Cool J, Run DMC, Fat Boyz and of course, NWA. Old school shit like that.

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