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Glimmer Of Evil

Daylight thins, heavy cloud threatening
I sense the rain upon the curious wind
Twilight dims with the night beckoning
To face the mistress of this darkness within

Scandalised debaucher
She d...

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Strange Land

God laid waste
To this forsaken place
Forgotten, disgraced
Lovers loose and win
On the battlegrounds we sin
Face to face
A different time and space
I cut to the chase
Another chance is slim

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High Tide

It's getting hotter tonight,
We're riding high on wishing well time,
All in all we know the way it goes
When the fire comes alive.
But sailing into the night
I hear the waves below me cry
To l...

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What About Me?

Baby, your eyes are like the ocean,
Maybe they're mirrors of your soul's honesty
Blue as the shimmering deep
You say, I keep it all inside me,
You wait for warning signs of love in retreat

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Last Of The Lovers

Lonely is the night for the lost ones,
Heavy is the cross to bear,
Love is the shrine, die upon it
Falling from the skies like a love bomb
Telling' you do not despair
Hope is alive if you want ...

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Outlawed And Notorious

It can be fatal or leave your life in tatters,
For you can howl like the wind
But it doesn't move that mountain,
Plead, but what is brittle shatters,
Unto the gun smoke give in

Bury the soul...

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Scarlet And The Grey

She waits alone amidst her fears
And time moves on a thousand years,
Far, far, far away,
The man-child is raised; she calls "The One"

He does not know she is his queen,
This nameless face wi...

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Heart Like A Lion

As a midnight breeze from a silent cove
Flickers candles through the night
You look to the ocean in the depths of your soul for a torch to light
Through the restless eaves of your Cliffside home

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Black Shadows

So you cry yourself to sleep
In places no one sees you weep,
Who can wipe those tears away?
To the silent stars you pray,
Painful secrets underneath,
Ones you fight so hard to keep,
When your ...

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Who Do You Want To Love?

I told you when we started
I'm yours 'till the end of time.
This life or death departed,
There's no finality line"

I know these things are charted
By stars under heavens eyes
Their secrets ...

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Far Beyond The World

I will love you 'till the mountains in this land have turned to dust
Till the wheels of time have ceased to move and rust
For I will tame the mighty oceans if you tell me that I must
I am proud t...

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The Stranger

Tired of wasting precious time praying for the rain,
Rip away my innocence, take away the pain,
Everyday I fantasize, sad enough but true,
Dreaming of a better life, outside the tomb...


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This surge of emotion breaks Rule One,
Exposes and opens my Renaissance,
Defenses are broken and undone,
I'm slave to the motion; I've burned for so long,

This seed of desire, transforming si...

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Give In This Time

I can't say this kind of line,
The words just don't feel natural,
They climb, then shatter 'round this heart of mine,
Night and day you're on my mind,
And in my dreams I'm blinded by your light,...

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Love Became The Law

It's you that I adore,
How could I count the ways?
For I have found with you
A love so pure and true
That nothing breaks the fall,

Well maybe I'm in awe,
Just maybe I'm amazed,
When every ...

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The Heat

I don't expect you'll understand,
The cruellest jokes at love's command,
They cut me with the things they said,
I walked away believing them,
They made a perfect fool of me,
They laid a trap I di...

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Silent Rain

There was once a time long ago,
When true love drew man and woman together,
She was all he wanted to know
And he swore that he would love her forever,

So the light fades the colours of life w...

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No, don't leave me alone like this,
Balanced on the edge of a precipice
Empty hearted soul in the great abyss
Life takes hold of the knife and twists
Judas is the night at a time like this

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Black Hearted Woman

She doesn't need love potions, number five, number nine,
She's what my 'sole desire for revenge' designs,
Born of such pain, inconsolable blame
Lies scattered like the pieces of a dream,
Blood f...

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Thunder In Heaven

Just like a dream with a nightmare inside,
Cruel, calculating and cold,
Scene after scene, the deeper you fall,
Drawn by the bell as it tolls
Cybernetic immortal,
Technological gold,

81 песни

История в фотографиях (27)


Мы вам покажем фотографию девочки которая в возрасте 11 лет вместе со своей 13-летней подружкой Нормой с перерывом в два месяца она задушила двух мальчиков. Николай II, цесаревич Алексей, великая кня...

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В новенькой подборке 13-летний Лионель Месси подписывает контракт, продавец Эйфелевой башни. Уинстон Черчилль не только политик а еще и талантливый художник. Кристен Стюарт в образе принцессы Дианы....

Как выглядят дети российских олигархов


На «золотых наследниках» уже с пеленок лежит ответственность за развитие и продвижение семейного дела. Между тем эти молодые люди не всегда готовы продолжить начинания отца и иногда выбирают самостоят...

Сколько стоят хиты российских исполнителей


Еще с советских времен мы помним, что песня должна быть такой, чтобы «душа развернулась, а потом обратно завернулась». Искрометный репертуар рождает синглы, которые затем дарят знаменитости популярнос...

История в фотографиях (25)


И сново в нашей подборке про милых дам. Изобретательница современного бюстгалтера и Принцесса Маргарет принимает ванну. Коллин Стэн провела в гробу 7 лет. Одри Хепберн со своим домашним любимцем....

История в фотографиях (24)


В подборке мы увидим единственную фотографию участника Бородинского сражения в возрасте 117 лет, мы вам покажем мператрицу Японии с подружками в детском саду. Трон Ивана Грозного и пороховой будильник...