Who Do You Want To Love?

I told you when we started
I'm yours 'till the end of time.
This life or death departed,
There's no finality line"

I know these things are charted
By stars under heavens eyes
Their secrets are safely guarded
Till revealed when the fates decide

Who do you want to love?
Who will it be?
Will it be him or me baby?
Who do you want to love again?
Who do you want to love?

The first time that I saw you
I knew deep within my heart
That I'd been waiting for you
That we should never be apart

I've found my patient calling
True love takes a while to grow
But time waits for no one darling
Tell me now for I need to know

The lights go down
On this vaudeville clown
So he screams
"Now what will it be.
Rejection is such.
I would be crushed.
I want to know now.
Who do you want to love..."