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A Screw Holy Money

A Screw (Holy Money)" by The Swans

Keep your head on the ground, push your all up. Move around, shake it, cry,

cry, cry, cry. Open your mouth, here's your money. Open your mouth...

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The Sun Is An Acid Eye

We're Corroded With Pleasure Inside

There's A Hole In Your Thin White Skin

Now We'll Never Be Clean Again

Our Hands Are Two Broken Claws

We Sc...

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Beautiful Child

Gira, Westberg, Parsons, Kizys)

These are the things I hold onto

These are the things I use to deceive myself

I line them up in front of me

I judge them carefully

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Gira, Jarboe)

Close your eyes

Close your eyes

Saw the word

I want to hear

Say the word

I want to hear

Come up behind me and hold on


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Blind Love

Gira, Westberg)

Hold onto my hand

Hold onto my unborn hand

Feel what I'll never be

Need me badly

Need what I have

Need what I am

I am a dead ma...

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Blood And Honey

Gira, Jarboe)

I found you lying where I drowned you

I found you lying where I lay with you

Where I threw you in the water

Where I drowned you in the river


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Children Of God

Gira, Jarboe)

We are special

We are perfect

We were born in the sight of god

We were born in the sight of god

Our suffering bodies will suffer no more


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God Loves America

And All Across America

The Poison Fires Glow

And In The Blood Of Our Procreation

Annihilation Grows

Yes Love Was Made For Slaves Like Us

Designed To Fetishize


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I'll Walk With You

Through Space And Time

And When Sleep Is Near

I Will Fold You In

I'll Disappear With You

In Clear Blue Flames

And When Our Time Arrives

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Now I'm Breathing The Breath Of God

And The Cold Wind Cleans My Mind

And I'm Standing In A Ring Of Fire

And My Heart Is Made Of Light

And I Fly Across The Red Mountains

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In My Garden

Gira, Jarboe, Kizys)

In my garden

Things grow in my garden

Things will grow

Then they die

Then they fall away

Then they're gone

In my garden

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In The Eyes Of Nature

No We Have Never Been Here

And We'll Never Be Gone

I Saw Your Voice Rise Up

And Cut Into The Heart Of The Sun

I Kissed The Lips Of A Girl

She Took Her First Breath W...

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Like A Drug

SHA LA LA LA) (Gira, Westberg, Parsons, Kizys)

Out of our head

Out of our mind

Into your hands

Into your eye

Warm in your mouth

Warm in your mind

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Love Of Life

For The Love Of Life

For The Love Of Life

In The Light Of Life

In The Love Of Light

And The Strong Survive

For The Love Of Life

And The Strong Will Rise

240 песни

New Mind

Gira, Westberg, Parsons, Kizys)

In the place

Where no one knows

Where they were before

Or what they're doing where

They are now

I will be there


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No Cure For The Lonely

She'll go down there to nowhere soon

She'll stand there still with her head in the moon

I will be her nowhere man

Where I'll remain until the end

That girl was so m...

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Our Love Lies

Gira, Westberg, Kizys)

We'll fall down

On broken knees

And we'll cry for you now

We'll cry for your mercy

We believe in love

We believe in love


240 песни

Real Love

Gira, Westberg, Kizys)

My man walks on hands and knees

I am his first and only child

He is mine

He is my saint

He brings me roses and incense

And he c...

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Sex God Sex

Gira, Westberg)

I will pray

I will pray

I will go down low

And I will pray to you

Down as low as I can go

I will go there and I will pray to you

240 песни

She Crys For Spider

You Can Hear Them Out There

They're Gonna Follow You Down

On The Rocks

In The Air

Inside Your Mind They Made You Scared

Of All The Lies That Have Been Told


240 песни

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