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A Fun Bunch of Guys from Outer Space

So true - funny how it seems always in time

But never in line for dreams.

Head over heels

when toe to toe -

This is the sound of my soul

this is the sound.

I bought a ticket to the...

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A Walk Down Memory Lane

We're a fun bunch of guys

And we come from outer space

On the planet where we're from

War is even fun

We're a fun bunch of guys

We're a fun bunch of guys

Here to infiltrate and get...

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All You Ever Think About is Sex

We all expected champagne

But it never did come

But it never did come

We said, "Hey, where's our champagne?"

And they gave us a gun

Said to go and have fun

So many riches just out ...

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Amateur Hour

Think about the places we've had our little fun

In the church at Christmas, busted by that nun

Then in that museum, beneath the mastadon

Stating our positions on the White House lawn


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Cool Places

The lawns grow plush in the hinterlands

The perfect little setting for the one night stands.

The drapes are drawn and the lights are out

It's the time to put in practise what you've dreamed ...

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Dance Godammit

I wanna got to cool places with you

I wanna take you cool places tonight

I wanna go where nobody's a fool

And no one says uh, "Hey girl, need a light?"

I want to move like this and that

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Everybody Move

It's the sound

Of today

Played so loud

You're in pain

I feel good

Really great

As I talk

To my feet

Dance godammit

Dance godammit

I get scared

When I'm alone

So I...

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Everybody move

Move it on up and move it down

Sweet little thing ease it down

Fall in the pool and you'll drown

Everybody move

Wear out the soles of your shoes

Wear out the soles o...

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I Wish I Looked a Little Better


Someday we'll have one extra coastline

We'll tire of the Atlantic

By then we'll be rid of your lot

A shot heard 'round the world will soon be shot, ...

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Just Got Back from Heaven

Turn out the light, yeah, the light

And I might have a chance

I guess I look slightly worse

Than the Elephant Man

Whoa, oh, oh, I wish I looked a little better

Whoa, oh, oh, I wish I ...

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Lets Make Love

All I get is quiet

Laughing friends won't buy it

I've been known to tell them white lies

But this time I swear it's the truth, oh, oh

I just got back from heaven

I can see their faces...

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Love O Rama

There's no way that I could ever explain

I got to hold you in my arms, dear

Or else go insane

And what I'm feelin' in my heart

Feelin' in my soul

It makes me just a little dizzy


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Lucky Me, Lucky You

Trains are leaving from the station

(Hop on board for Love-o-Rama)

Gopin' for that sweet sensation

(Hop on board for Love-o-Rama)

Brothers, sisters, all invited

(Love him, love her, L...

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We lie marooned on a tropical isle in the sun

Someday they'll come, take us back with a dumb "welcome home"

Until that day arrives

Lucky me, lucky you

Lucky me, lucky you

I'll lose my...

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Now That I Own The Bbc

What was I thinking, what was I thinking, what was I thinking,

what could I have been thinking.

It's going one time, it's going two times, sold to the gent

who wears the stunned expression....

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Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth

When She's on Her Best Behaviour

Don't be Tempted by Her Favours

Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth

Towns are Hurled From A to B

By Hands That Looked So Smooth to Me

Never Turn Your...

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Pamela, Pamela

Pamela, Pamela (1966)


Pamela, Pamela

Remember the days

Of inkwells and apples

And books and school plays

Where little Brer Rabbit kissed Pooh in the wood

And F...

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Please Baby Please

Don't be tempted by her favour

Never turn your back on mother earth

Towns are hurled from A to B

By hands that look so smooth to me

Never turn your back on mother earth

Grasp at straw...

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I don't know why you treat me this way

I'm a sensitive guy and I'm really in pain

But you're cool to the point of saying "no dice"

Well, I'll never accept it, never accept it

Just think it...

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Prayin for a Party

I like you and you like me a lot

And we do those things that can make us feel hot

Then we join some friends, all of them are all right

and we talk a while, then we climb in our cars


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