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Leaving New York

It's quiet now
And what it brings
Is everything

Comes calling back
A brilliant night
I'm still awake

I looked ahead
I'm sure I saw you there

You don't need me
To tell you now...

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Electron Blue

You're on your ear, the ocean's near
The light has started to fade
Your high is timed, you found the climb
It's hard to focus on more than what's in front of you
Electron Blue
Adventure ri...

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The Outsiders

You took me to the restaurant where we first met
You knocked a future shock crowbar upside my head
I got caught with the stop of the tick-tock, tick-tock clock
When you told me what you knew

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Make It All Ok

You threw away the ballast and you rowed your boat ashore
Didn't you, now? Didn't you?
You made your ultimatum too big to ignore
Didn't you, now? Didn't you?

So you worked out your excuses...

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Final Straw

As I raise my head to broadcast my objection
As your latest triumph draws the final straw
Who died and lifted you up to perfection?
And what silenced me is written into law.

I can't believ...

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I Wanted To Be Wrong

You know where I come from
You know what I feel
You're Yul Brenner Westworld
Reporting from the field.
I threw it into reverse,
Made a motion to repeal.
You kicked my legs from under me,...

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Looks like I pulled a fast one
Looks like I went to town
Looks like the world revolves around me
Looks like it's falling down.

I thought I'd kicked the traces
I thought the wheels would ...

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The Boy In The Well

Look at this, it's me, walking away.
Look at you drowning, on display.
Every time I've dropped by, I've tried to say
The water is rising.
You don't want to stay.

It's that sinking feelin...

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Now the radio stutters. snaps to life.
Some sour song that sets it right.
And when London falls
He'd like to call
But the stars collide.
They're beautiful and much maligned.
In a univers...

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High Speed Train

When I look into your eyes.
Your drop like an anchor eyes.
I scudded and clipped the sky
Just shy of making it.

And you almost got away.
I told you I was afraid.
Did I really want to t...

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The Worst Joke Ever

You see there's this cat burglar who can't see in the dark.
He lays his bets on 8 more lives, walks into a bar.
Slips on the 8 ball, falls on his knife.
Says, "I don't know what I've done, but...

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The Ascent Of Man

So hesitation pulled me back
I'm stronger when I don't attract
In your eyes I'm a lamb without a rack
And I am getting confused
I'm a cactus trying to be a canoe
As you pan for ore
In th...

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Around The Sun

I want the sun to shine on me
I want the truth to set me free
I wish the followers would lead
with a voice so strong it could knock me to my knees

Hold on world 'cause you don't know what'...

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The Lifting

grounded, 5 a.m.
the nightlite is comforting,
but gravity is holding you.

once settled into sleep,
you have watched, on repeat,
the story of your life
across the ceiling;
and in review.


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I've Been High

have you seen?
have not, will travel.
have I missed the big reveal?

do my eyes
do my eyes seem empty?
I've forgotten how this feels.

I've been high
I've climbed so high
but life sometimes

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All The Way To Reno (you're gonna be a star)

all the way to Reno
you've dusted the non-believers
and challenged the laws of chance
now, sweet
you were so sugar sweet
you may as well have had 'kick me'
fastened on your sleeve


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She Just Wants To Be

it's not that she walked away,
her world got smaller.
all the usual places,
the same destinations,
only something's changed.

it's not that she wasn't rewarded
with pomegranate afternoons
and ...

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I've dragged my feet
across the seat
and jumped out the passenger side.
the only thing worth looking for
is what you find inside.
but that had not yet appeared.
lost, invisible, here.
tel aviv ...

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Beat A Drum

the sun reflected in the back of my eye
I knocked my head against the sky

the dragonflies are busy buzzing me
seahorses if we were in the sea

halfway from coal, halfway to diamond.
my fall kn...

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Imitation of Life

charades, pop skill
water hyacinth, named by a poet.
imitation of life
like a koi in a frozen pond
like a goldfish in a bowl
I dont want to hear you cry

thats sugarcane that tasted good

584 песни

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Уильям Болдуин и Синди Кроуфорд, 1995 год. Библиотека отпечатков пальцев, 1944 год. Автор самой знаменитой фотографии в истории, фотограф Чарльз О’Риер....

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