Transdermal Celebration
Transdermal celebration

Caused a slight mutation

In the rift

It toppled down a nation

And left the people running for the hills

But the mutants that I see

Shine their beauty unto me

I wish you could see them

Tectonic tribulation

Formed a crust of green beyond the reef

Waves fell in formation

Cause the plants to bend with spi-ked leaves

I'm growing with the land

Time has taken my hands and let me touch them

Hey, hey,

A billion miles to Mark A

Lay on the lawn, he's already home

When the morning ray hits his face

Transdermal celebration

Jets flew in formation

I could see them

Dropping the crustaceans

Leaving trails of flames in their wake

But where is the mutation

Who once told me it was safe, I can't find him