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When the life inside no doubt has died.

And you've turn your head away.

You tried to pay, but at the end of the day, it 's you again, alone.

Alone, confined. The mess in your mind...

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Awesome Sound

Got an awesome sound goin' down.

Got an awesome sound goin' down.

Got an awesome sound goin' down.

Got a pork roll egg cheese and bacon.

Stop the tape here.

Got an a...

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Baby Bitch

It's been a while since I've seen you smile

But now you've come back again

Came into the room and you saw my girl

And you asked her how long it's been

"A year" she said and...

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Back To Basom

Reaching out now and I touch your face

Please believe I'm only traveling

Like seeking wonder from a foreign place

It matters not from where I'm coming

And the snow ...

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Bananas And Blow

Sancho brought a message from the Fat Man

"Sorry, boy, to leave you high and dry,

but I went to see my mom in Ensenada,

and I left a little something to help the time go by

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Beacon Light

Ween--Beacon Light

Words and music: Ween

Looking up to the sky

Made me realize; made me want to fly

To a place far away

Where they're singing songs and ...

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Big Jim

rollin' and wheelin'

stealin' and dealin'

big jim

bol weevil' it's a pleasel

it's a pleasel my weasel

big jim

dreamin' and schemin'


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Birthday Boy

yeah... pain]

last time i saw you

i was holding your hand

and i couldn't wait 4

u to leave

i knew right then

that it was over and done

and i couldn't b...

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It is as smooth as a mutilated(??) shit on a shingle.

Rip rip rip van Winkle he can shit on a shingle at dawn.

Would you like to do a boing boing boing boing?

She's a fun-...

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Buckingham Green

A child without an eye

Made her mother cry

Why ask why?

She kept her child clean

On Buckingham Green

The children saw the eye

As a sign from God decen...

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Buenas Tardes Amigo

Buenas Tardes Amigo

Hola, my good friend

Cinco de Mayo's on Tuesday

And I hoped we'd see each other again

You killed my brother last winter

You shot him three times ...

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stung me

stung my brain


weedeating Vaughn's grass

big bumblebee came right out

it stung me 47,000 times

it hurt

it hurt so...

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Custard and berry


Peaches and creme


Glazing and cherry


Spicy and sticky


Chocolate with cheese


289 песни

Captain Fantasy

Please would you like to be somewhere floating free?

Seems my destiny.

Captain Fantasy.

Take a minute to go down beneath the reaches of sound.

You could be with me.


289 песни

Cold + Wet

i'm cold + wet can't ya hear what i'm sayin' to ya

cold + wet it's the message i'm conveyin' to ya

how many times do i has to tell ya i'm cold + wet?

hot and dizzy you got...

289 песни

Cold Blows The Wind

Cold blows the wind over my true love

Cold blows the drops of rain

I've never had but one true love

And in Camville he was slain

I'll do as much for my true love

289 песни

Common Bitch

common bitch

ma head itch

scratch it bitch

common bitch

common bitch

little girl

common bitch

wear good stitch

fetch it bitch


289 песни

Demon Sweat

Skag trapped in a demon sweat the night she left.

Wrapped up in a blanket and I'm feelin' wet.

They said she flew from the goals in her life.

Then she wet like blood from a knife....

289 песни

Dr Rock

try modulating and articulating all the feelings that i have for u


help me out for i need to shout it


quickly Derek run & get your mammy

there is no ...

289 песни

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