By the shores of the ageing sea
Fools scream out destiny
They speak of vengeance and your gods
into the fire – out of the flame
The beast awakes – thousands are slayen
The mystic reads – forgotten tales
All hallows hail – your falling waves

Nightmare – this is your prize eternal
Nightmare – make no disguise infernal
Nightmare – you'll realize you lost in
Nightmare – Nightmare

Inside explodes – the butcher strikes
You'd love to die – your baby cries
Lead candles burn – just a decoy
The giant child – your his new toy

In the eye of the lions teeth
Your flesh becomes his meat
You lie devoured still full of life
Temples of ice – white desert breeze
The golden sun – prepares to freeze
Dying of thirst – drowing in pain
You wake in sleep – it starts again