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I bear the soul of Satan
I wear the seal of death
I hold the keys to destiny
Steal your dying breath
Your breath
Your breath
Your breath

Staring death in the face
King of inhuman race

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Burn In Hell

Eternal night encroaches
Disaster speaks his name
Ignite the fires of Hades
A world engulfed in flame
You burn – in hell
Visions shared by the blind
The chase heats up the danger
Old dragons ...

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House Of Pain

I could hear you screaming
Heard you cry in pain
But I thought you were dreaming
Are you going insane?

House of pain
Welcome to the house of pain
You're insane

I could feel you dying

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Death & Dying

Old man death sits all alone
In quiet contemplation
Picking at his blackened nails
Waiting for his next victim
Watching as your life force drains
Your end is nigh
Happily he comes to take your...

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Regé Satanas

When they opened the gates
We emerged from the dark
There was no turning back
We go straight for your throat

Our time has come – Through the wars of the damned
We bring darkness and death – ...

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Darkest Realm

Million watts of music hell
Screaming legions black metal
Give it up with all you've got
Here we come ready or not

Deafening volume in power and black
Light up the skies in an aural attack

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A Good Day To Die

Don't let it be said you'd be better off dead
Words will get mixed up inside of your head
When you're playing the game can't remember your name
You know it's fucked up the same

You and me got...

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Homicidal maniac – No shadow – No name
Ultimate hunter – Playing ultimate game
Patience awaiting prey – No conscience for his deeds
Deals another deathblow – So his thirst can feed

Assassin – A...

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Lucifer Rising

A sense of doom the warning
This is our Christ returning
The tide of fear arising
We light the candles to sing

Lucifer rising – Rising
Lucifer rising – Look into the light
Lucifer rising – ...

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Blessed Dead

They came looking for trouble
But then they found me
Now you'd better off dead son
Than if you fucked with me
When the walls come crashing down
And your life turns to ash
I'm every cunt who gi...

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Hours Of Darkness

Lost in the shadows, gaze into the void
Feeding the bastards, rebirth or destroy

Hours of darkness
Turn on the night
Awaken ebony
Begin twilight

Late in December coldness deadly chill

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Dark ages – Plague rages
Satan lives / Satanica
Death races – Dead faces – 666 / Satanica


Tormented – Demented
Relentless / Satanica
No saviour – You die here
Reaper says / ...

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Metal Black

Tiamat, Adramelch, Acheron, Baal
Burning up the city 'neath unholy citadel
Summoning Leviathan, ready to attack
Evil one awakens all the gods of Metal Black

We come alive at the dawn of the n...

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Lies -
Body languages fight
Feel the rush as you die
Then your soul comes alive

If you open your mind
To avoid all confusion
Carnal insticts unwind
Animal resurrection


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You never know when it will come
Just like a bullet - from a gun
You lie awake - you sweat & shake
& may no lord have mercy on your soul

Take him down
Vengeance - will be min...

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War Against Christ

Set alight in purgatory
Tormented moans of pain
Piercing dark analogies
Spat out in full disdain

War against christ
War against christ
War against christ

Diabolus awaits ...

242 песни

All There Is Fear

Arise young souls alight
Reclaim your satanic rights
In time retrospect clear
The past all there is fear

Atomic atmospheres
Crumble in ice faces
Destructive tragedies

242 песни


Pain -
Ripping through your senses
Screaming in torment
Waiting to die

Mental strangulation -
Choking all belief
Psychic execution -
Razor sharp relief

Pain -
Tearing t...

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Stretching their arms out
Towards you clenching fists
Inhaling atmospheres
From hot fiery pits
Laughter announces
The musical war
Crowley pronounces
A mystical law


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You pray for salvation
Your soul you would sell
Avoiding damnation
And those who reign in hell
A game for the liar
But who pays the price
The stakes getting higher
Take your ...

242 песни

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