I Cant Live Without My Radio
Verse 1

My radio, believe me, I like it loud

I'm the man with a box that can rock the crowd

Walkin' down the street, to the hardcore beat

While my JVC vibrates the concrete

I'm sorry if you can't understand

But I need a radio inside my hand

Don't mean to offend other citizens

But I kick my volume way past 10

My story is rough, my neighbourhood is tough

But I still sport gold, and I'm out to crush

My name is Cool J, I devastate the show

But I couldn't survive without my radio

Terrorising my neighbours with the heavy bass

I keep the suckas in fear by the look on my face

My radio's bad from the Boulevard

I'm a hip-hop gangster and my name is Todd

Just stimulated by the beat, bust out the rhyme

Get fresh batteries if it won't rewind

Cos I play everyday, even on the subway

I woulda got a summons but I ran away

I'm the leader of the show, keepin' you on the go

But I know I can't live without my radio

Verse 2

Suckas on my jock when I walk down the block

I really don't care if you're jealous or not

Cos I make the songs, you sing along

And your radio's def when my record's on

So get off the wall, become involved

All your radio problems have now been solved

My treacherous beats make ya ears respond

And my radio's loud like a fire alarm

The floor vibrates, the walls cave in

The bass makes my eardrums seem thin

Def sounds in my ride, yes the front and back

You would think it was a party, not a Cadillac

Cos I drive up to the ave, with the windows closed

And my bass is so loud, it could rip your clothes