Hey, You Never Know
I'm laying naked with ya

After making love

I caught a cold

I barely made it home

You said you loved me only

I felt no pain

And then I crashed my rent-a-car in the pouring rain

Seen it on a billboard

And I believe it's so

It said, "The only thing you know for certain

is 'Hey, you never know'"

My friend Jerry's feet are achin'

Says he's hittin' bottom

Says it's a sex problem

He told me so

I told him

"Jerry ain't the lovin' that you're makin' buddy

It's layin' out all night

And lookin' for it that makes you slow

Want some advice

And it's free for a reason you know

They say you only live twice

I said, "Hey, you never know" And the hula girls go...(ahhh)

You never, I said you never, never,

You Never Know

I'll make suggestions honey

You make the choices

Your Kodak moment's comin'

I'll keep the motor