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President Dead

President dead

This is for the people, they want you
This is for the people, they want you
Getting high on violence, baby

President dead is clueless
And he's caught in a headlight, police-sta...

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Target Audience

Am I sorry your sky went black,
Put your knives in babies backs?
Am I sorry you killed the kennedy's and huxley too?

But I'm sorry shakespeare
Was your scapegoat
And your apples sticking into...

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A Place in The Dirt

We are damned and we are dead
All god's children to be sent
To our perfect place in the sun
And in the dirt

There's a windshield in my heart
We are bugs so smeared and scarred
And could you st...

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The Fall of Adam

The abraham lincoln town cars
Arrive to dispose of our king and queen
They orchestrated dramatic new scenes
For celebritarian needs

When one world ends
Something else begins
But without a scre...

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Dear God do you want to tear your knuckles down
And hold yourself

Dear God can you climb up that tree
Meat in the shape of a 't'

Dear God the paper says you were the king
In the black limousi...

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Burning Flag

They want to sell it out
But it up
Dumb it down
A good God is hard to find
I'll join the crowd that
Wants to see me dead
Right now I feel I belong
For the first time

Multiply your death

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Born Again

Do you or don't you want this to be your song?
It doesn't take a rebel to sing along.
This art is weak
In it's pretty frame
And I am a monkey with
A misspelled name
I'll put down you disco

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The Death Song

We're on a bullet
And we're headed straight into god
Even he'd like to end it too
We take a pill, get a face
Buy our ticket
And we hope that heaven's true
I saw a cop beat a priest on the tv

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Disposable Teens

And I'm a black rainbow
And I'm an ape of god
I got a face that's made for violence upon
I'm a teen distortion
Survived abortion
A rebel from the waist down

I wanna thank you mom
I wanna than...

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Valentine's Day

She was the color of tv
Her mouth curled under like a metal snake
Although holy wood was sad
They'd remember this as valentine's day

Flies are waiting

In the shadow of the valley of death

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The Nobodies

Today I am dirty
I want to be pretty
Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt

Today I am dirty
I want to be pretty
Tomorrow, I know I'm just dirt

We are the nobodies
We wanna be somebodies
When we'r...

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Cruci-fiction in Space

This is evolution
The monkey
The man
And then the gun
If christ was in texas
The hammer
The sickle
The only son
This is your creation
The atom of eden
Was a bomb
If jack was the baptist

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The Love Song

The bullet:
I've got a crush on a pretty pistol
Should I tell her that I feel this way?
Father told us to be faithful
I've got a crush on a pretty pistol
Should I tell her that I feel this way

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Count to 6 & Die

She's got her eyes open wide
She's got the dirt and spit of the world
Her mouth on the metal
The lips of a scared little girl

I've got an angel in the lobby
He's waiting to put me in line
I wo...

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In The Shadow of The Valley of Death

We have no future
Heaven wasn't made for me
We burn ourselves to hell
As fast as it can be
And I wish that I could be a king
Then I'd know that I am not alone

Maggots put on shirts
Sell each ...

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The Lamb of God

There was christ in the metal shell
There was blood on the pavement
The camera will make you god
That's how jack became sainted

If you die when there's no one watching
And your ratings drop and...

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King Kill 33

Is this what you wanted?
This is what you get.
Turned all your lives into this shit.
You never accepted or treated me fair
Blame me for what I believe
And I wear.
You fucked yourselves and you

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Come Back

A) eden eye
My mouth was a crib and it was growing lies
I didn't know what love was on that day
My heart's a tiny bloodclot
I picked at it
It never heals it never goes away

I burned all the go...

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The Fight Song

Nothing suffocates you more than
The passing of everyday human events
Isolation is the oxygen mask you make
Your children breath into survive

But I'm not a slave to a god
That doesn't exist

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Rock is Dead

All simple monkeys with alien babies
Amphetamines for boys
Crucifixes for ladies
Sampled and soulless
Worldwide and real webbed
You sell all the living
For more safer dead

Anything to belong

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Американский иллюзионист Дэвид Копперфильд, 1977 год и Дженнифер Энистон, 2014 г.


Американский иллюзионист Дэвид Копперфильд, 1977 год. Дженнифер Энистон, 2014 г. Вика Одинцова, 2010-ые. Питер Фальк (он же "лейтенант Коломбо") в своей художественной студии, 1984 г. Актеры Джон Тра...

Джин Шримптон, которую нaзывают первой супер-моделью, 1965 год и Ханна Нью — английская модель и актриса


Актриса из сериала "Элен и ребята" Элен Ролле с поклонницей, Москва, 1998 год. Егеря с собаками на фоне стога сена, 1897 год. Джин Шримптон, которую нaзывают первой супер-моделью, 1965 год. ...

Сигурни Уивeр, 1980-е. и Aктpиca Дoлopec Фeйт, 1960-e.


Aктpиca Дoлopec Фeйт, 1960-e. Агитавтомобиль итальянской компартии с макетом советского спутника 65 лет назад... Деревня Haid Al-Jazil в Йемене. Согласно переписи 2004 года в деревне проживают 17 чело...