Rainbows & Pots Of Gold
I heard you're doing well

Selling art and everything

I like you're stuff; good for you

I'll buy a piece or maybe two

Do you ever think of me?

Do you remember all our stupid dreams?

Rainbows and pots of gold

So much to prove before we got old

I took you places round the world

I miss you're face sometimes you know

You took my picture a thousand times

I bought them back; I don't mind

I lost my way but found my track

I'm sorry if I never listened back

I've been round; I've been up and down

And you missed the one we dressed like clowns

And how's your car and how's your life?

How's my friend; when's she gonna be your wife?

I'm sitting up writing down

These things I sometimes dream about

I knew your number off by heart

It's the only one I like to talk

It wasn't me using you

I trusted you; one of the few

And we had some laughs; had some rows

But in the end the walls came down

You like the place I'm living now

It's a shame you can't come around

And I've grown a lot since we last spoke

Got myself together; fixed what was broke

I wonder if we'll talk again

Or drink together just like then

I suppose it's different now it's new

Whoever points the finger at who

I really hope you're happy both of you

And maybe sometimes you miss me too