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You don't know what it's been like
Meeting someone like you
You don't know what it's been like
Meeting someone like you

You look like Jesus on a aeroplane
Ya head's against the window ...

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Doorman you got an attitude
Ya like immigration in a cheaper suit
You'd like nothing more than to break my face
No rhyme no reason no colour or race

You'd like to throw me out on the stree...

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Won't you take your words brother?
Won't you mind your world brother?
I find you so offensive punk
Won't you take my word brother?
I tell you no lies now leave me brother
You disturb me tu...

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Ever dance with the devil baby? Oh no
Make my day
Do you feel lucky? Oh no
Tomorrow's another day
Can you walk on water maybe? Oh no
Turn water into wine?
Can I buy you a drink there lad...

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Thinking ‘bout thinking of you
So much I think it’s June.
Yeah, think it was June.
Lay about hang on the grass,
You gonna be having some laughs,
Yeah, having some laughs.

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It's your time
It's your day
It's never too late
To change lanes
How's your life?
How's your place?
Was it where you wanted
Your head to lay?

But wait, you can breathe
You can ...

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Gotta get in on the scene hun?
Voice activate machine
Got ya hair in a haircut
You gotta fill up the dream
You got ya finger on the pulse babe
You got your rock n roll on?
You wanna sc...

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I've seen the one to take my eye
She's my Sunday best
She'll blow my mind rob me blind
Then she'll take the rest
Another drink in ya sink
Down a drunken well
Chasing stars catching cars ...

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Oh I stepped off the train at dawn
Walked along an open road
To find you
Oh you made beds at the gold motel
Sold junk at the carousel
To bind you

Lo... Lolita
You make my wheel set m...

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I got a royal flush
I gotta ten bob
In my pocket for luck
Just another crush
I got my head read
In the shed once again
My friend

Inside, outside, upside, downside
See my face wanna...

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Here it comes again
Like the first time again
I cant sleep
I watch the rain
But im happy again
How can this be
Why did this feeling
Creep on up on me

I cant be sure
You never can...

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Help Me (She's Out Of Her Mind)

In the mirror
You could see her from a mile man
She was alright
She looked right over her shoulder
Right at me
I was falling through the floor now
She came, over me


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Maybe Tomorrow

I've been down and
I'm wondering why
These little black clouds
Keep walking around
With me
With me

It wastes time
And I'd rather be high
Think I'll walk me outside
And buy a rainbow smile...

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Madame Helga

Mary Mary where you been
You been out all night
You aint got no sleep

She said I been dancing in the hills
Of a place i know
She said and thats the place
Where the fireflies glow


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You Stole My Money Honey

You stole my money honey
You're cold your blood's stopped running
And now you're buying your new life

Can't help but find you funny
The clothes you wear are something
You made your whole...

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Remember when we were angels
Before we stole cars
And when sex and drugs
Lived up in another world... not a care in the world

Hide and seek, kissing and running
Till you were out of breath

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Climbing The Wall

I'm just lying here thinking to myself again
I'm round the bend
I've been driving round talking to myself again
Not making no sense

What makes you and what makes me
What makes men lie throu...

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Jealousy my devil
Jealousy my hell
Jealousy insomnia
Jealousy sleep well

Innocence is heaven
Innocence is hell
Innocence in everyone
Innocence is dead

Four and twenty black boys

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I'm Alright (You Gotta Go There To Come Back)

I'll drink another drink for you
One, two, three, four, five, once I drank a fish alive
I'll drop another pill for you
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, did it before, I'll do it again

I'll tell...

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Nothing Precious At All

I been people watching again
I think they watch me too
There's a new girl at the coffee house
She's got first day blues
She's got red hair and a motorbike
And lime green shoes
A mo hair hat,...

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