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10 Seconds To Forever


In the tenth second of forever
I thought of the sea and a white yacht drifting.
In the ninth second of forever
I remembered a warm room where voices played.
In the eighth ...

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Walking in the night,
a pulsating light,
floating above the road
Trying to run,
suddenly stunned,
everything becomes a dream
Waking up, want to scream
Lying in a room aboar...

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Adjust Me

City black, encase the time
World full of men, who all are blind
Who walk and talk and say as one:
"Androids are we", their tune o sun
Adjust me
Adjust me
Adjust me.....


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Alien (I Am)


Squatting in your bodies, microscopic breeding.
I sleep in you and eat from within.
I am the Alien. We are here to help you.
Make the mend in the chemical bend.
We are the A...

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Angels Of Death


We're angels of life, we're angels of death,
We're born to blaze a nuclear way through space,
A way out of the waste that held the human race,
We're angels of life, we're angel...

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Beam Me Up

After a mission we'd been flying around
We saw this planet and we went down to the ground
Where and when could we be? - Nobody was sure,
but I had this feeling that I'd been here before

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Black Corridor


Space is infinite.
It is dark.
Space is neutral.
It is cold.

Stars occupy minute areas of space. They are clustered a few billion here. A few billion there. As if see...

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Blue Skin

I got my green eyes
I got my glass high
I got my thunder and it's rolling straight up inside
She's got the real shit
Gave me a facelift
We got this spaceship and we're just a dot in the...

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They try to change your life
They turn you into a puppet
You want to run to midnight
They say, they move your fate
Sometimes they take all of what you've got
They tell you what to do

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Children Of The Sun

In the mist of a windswept plain
We carried the gifts that our priests had restrained
Chanting awaiting the gods of the sun
We're children of sorrow captors of none

A hole in the sky

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Choose Your Masks

(Moorcock / Brock)

They have handed out the weapons,
and your armour's ready too
But the most important item
has been left up to you

You must make a firm decision
and once it...

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Conjuration Of Magnu


Magnu, horse with golden mane, I want your help yet once again,
Walk not the earth but fly through space as lightning flash or thunders race
Magnu come to me


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We're children playing in the sun
A sense of freedom on the run
We never knew what time it was
We just knew how sublime it was
Our course determined by our stars
My momm...

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Damnation Alley

(Calvert / Brock / House)

i've got the serum
and i'm going to take it
all the way to boston
oh i've got to get through
the going won't be easy
but i'm going to make it
it's th...

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Days Of The Underground

(Brock / Calvert)

in visions of acid
we saw through delusion
and brainbox pollution
we knew we were right
the streets were our oyster
we smoked urban poison
and turned all thi...

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Dead God’s Homecoming


You raise your eyes to the howling sky
Raise your sword to the haunted Moon
You raise your voice in a battle cry
And you raise your shield
You raise your shield

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Death Of War

(Brock / Rowntree)

Ebbing eyesight in chlorine clouds
stealing away barbed wire shrouds
mowed down in mud by machine gun fire
trapped and strangled in barbed wire
silent nights smas...

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Death Trap

Intro: Masta Ase

The Masta, the Ase-Inc
Lost is the ghetto dweller trapped in a cage
There's no way out of the death trap

Chorus: Gatekeeper

You can't come back [back]

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Down Through The Night


As we spin through the night
With ever increasing might
Down down and down
Down down and down

Returning volumes of sound
Into the blackness we drown
Round round an...

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Dragon Song


In a time before this time
Those ancient gods of mine and thine
Proclaimed our twin fates intertwined
And named our day of destiny
Calling all to come and feast
To wit...

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7 самых знаменитых вегетарианцев


В России и мире набирают популярность вегетарианская и веганская формы питания. Приверженцы здорового образа жизни уверены, что и без мяса можно получать необходимые организму вещества. Такой точки зр...

Самые богатые российские знаменитости 2020 года


Звезды шоу-бизнеса нередко могут похвастаться высокими доходами. Но все же разница между бюджетами знаменитостей часто является весьма существенной. Журналисты ведущего делового журнала в мире Forbes ...

Самые сексуальные актрисы


Как бы ни была важна работа съёмочной группы и качество актёрской игры, есть то, что порой привлекает зрителей гораздо сильнее. И это, безусловно, самые сексуальные актрисы, за которых режиссёры готов...

"Девушки года" журнала Playboy. Далекие 1960-е


Как известно, знаменитый американский журнал Playboy выходит с 1953 года, но рубрика «Девушка месяца» появилась в нем не сразу. Примечательно, что выбранная персона появляется на развороте в стиле ню,...

Советские актрисы тогда и сейчас


Всё что от нас останется на этой Земле - это память о нас. Зачем люди идут играть в кино? 90% для того чтобы остаться в памяти людей молодыми. И так было до не давнего времени, но сейчас, с развитием ...