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Bring Down

Come to my dream, my beautiful life

Nobody knows, nobody can stop

Come to my dream, my sweet agony

I feel like God, I feel so free

Join us on the rubbish of life

Like us you'll love t...

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I went to your house, I walked up the stairs

I opened your door without ringing the bell

I walked down the hall into your room

Where I could smell you

And I shouldn't be here without per...

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Your God

From our purest thought

Spurts his venom

If by charity you think to help them

You defy all the same

His currency's will

...Under the sign of the U.W.

I've crossed the threshold of li...

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Under the Sign

From the power, the power of your faith

Is born the life's fire

Still believe, in the spiritual union

Still believe in your power

And live, and die in peace!

Beyond the life, the life...

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Through Your Torpor

I've fled this promised freedom

Fled this justice's parody

Fled your unreal heaven

Fled your blindest beliefs

Here starts the true fight

Here starts my life through your death


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Through the Chaos

The evil flower's born in my spirit

And from my mist up conscience

I won't listen to anythink more.

I walk in the night, desperate

Guiled by the death I'm spreading!

A life without su...

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The Psychopath

They know our destiny

They feel our suffering

They wish our salvation

...on the other side

We persuade ourselves

That it death comes to the end

But we know that's not true

We ca...

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The Other Side

A new perception of the world

Appears in your mind

And you retrieve your instincts

On your decision

Open gates on a new truth

You understand

You're only temporary

In this matter...

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Slaves of Rot

I think of death as if it's near

Plan my future as if it's doesn't exist

I'd like to die without having lived

Disappear without regret nor joy

Death is perhaps a delivery

Nobody's nev...

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Time's up, end of illusions

Lie, king, you're falling down

No violence, no pain

Only despair and troubles

Those who know, those who believe

Shall enjoy the new order

Keep the faith...

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Do you remind another time

Another place, the meeting,

Volunteers you?

Do you remind me and us

Do you remind us and me

Remind shouts, remind fire

Remind suffering, remind light


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Beyond this reality I live for eternity

Keep to silence by christianity

I'm awaiting true beliefs

Beyond this reality

Unreal hides in nothingness

All sensation has disappeared


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Out of Time

I've seen the darkness

Beat down on the world

Demons awaken into the fallen souls

Love crushed by the peoples folly

Sometimes I become aware

And I remember, the cold light

My body ...

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Never Again

Time to live, time to hope

Time to forget, time to look back

Time to fall down, time to keep time

In my head, confusion

Present becomes past and the future now

How I influence the pas...

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They are among us

Their justice is imminent

The messenger of the time

The messenger of the U.W.

Isolated by their hate

Sentenced to silence

They're just waiting for an order


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Messenger of the Uw

We're betrayal we're torment and fear

We're destruction, we're conflict and pain

We're anxiety, we're suffering and death

No distinction, we only fight for victory

We are the knights of ...

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Eternal Cycle

Everytime in balance

Between light and darkness

As a tighthrope walker

With naked foot on a razor's edge

I've though to lose the faith

Am I alive, am I dead

Something turns in my b...

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End or Beginning

Some believe we're innocent

Brazen in front of Unknown

Others believe we're possessed

Dive into your dreams

Enter the ecstasy

Some believe we're dominated

Stupid and naive idealist...

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I'd like to see tears on your face

I'd like to feed the hate in your look

I'd like to guess the death in your thoughts,

Don't let the hope's rays flash through your hate!

Children of rea...

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Now, lost in the middle of nowhere

Forgotten by human conscience

Kingdom of unfailing sufferings

Unaware by all beliefs

Black sky...the eternal cycle

Soulless bodies...the eternal cyc...

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Пять мужей Татьяны Дорониной


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