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The world is a marble heart

The world is a marble heart
Too fragile, too broken
Left without nothing but our bags to hold on to
Yeah out in the daylight
And out of the jungle
We could have been, we should have been
What yo...

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I'm ready

I'm ready!

You're feeling good,
you're feeling right
across the floor, and I'm already losing my mind
Baby girl,
looking fine
watch you playing and playing and playing these guys
Catch my sta...

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Was it all in my head?
In an empty bed
And I told you that I need you baby
Can't you see I'm alone oh oh?
I was lost in my feet
On an empty street
So I save your seat infinity
You forever figur...

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Let the games begin

Let the games begin
Let the games begin

Passed out, all my friends went and passed out
So much for the night
Last round for A.M. lovers and that's how
I come alive

I'm gonna be a people pers...

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Pretender (acoustic)

I'm a good pretender
Won't you come see my show?
I've got lots of problems
Well, good thing nobody knows

Oh, I'm insecure, I'm insecure
I think I like what I'm supposed to
Like what I'm suppos...

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Burn the house down

Used to keep it cool
Used to be a fool
All about the bounce in my step
Watch it on the news
Whatcha gonna do?
I could hit refresh and forget
Used to keep it cool

Should I keep it light?

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I'm not famous

Where my haters?
Where my haters?
I don't got 'em
I'm not famous, no
It don't matter what my name is
I don't got one, I'm not famous, no
And I don't hate it, no

You never heard of me
Or the ...

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Never spoken with my mouth full
Yeah that's a mouthful and I'm doubtful
That I could get these lyrics out, oh
'Cause I think fast but I sing slow
If I ever started rapping
They'd be laughing, the...

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When did all my friends become so loud?
We act like reality shows
Probably because reality blows
When did all my friends become so loud?
We traded our boring lives
For MTV story lines


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Sober up

Hello, hello
I'm not where I'm supposed to be
I hope that you're missing me
Cause it makes me feel young
Hello, hello
Last time that I saw your face
Was recess in second grade
And it made me fe...

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'No thank you' is what I should've said
I should be in bed
But temptations of trouble on my tongue
Troubles yet to come

One sip, bad for me
One hit, bad for me
One kiss, bad for me
But I gi...

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'No thank you' is what I should've said
I should be in bed
But temptations of trouble on my tongue
Troubles yet to come

One sip, bad for me
One hit, bad for me
One kiss, bad for me
But I gi...

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I've been so good, I've been helpful and friendly
I've been so good, why am I feeling empty?
I've been so good
I've been so good this year
I've been so good, but it's still getting harder
I've be...

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The entertainment's here

But oh my, oh my God
The entertainment's here
Everything is suddenly amazing here
Sit back, man
Relax, man
Sit back, man

I used to be distracted by my favorite song
I loved it very much, I ma...

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Break my face

You run your mouth, your tongue fell out
It's right there on the ground
But now, you'll never drown
You can't, you got no mouth
So it ain't all bad now

What doesn't kill you
Makes you ugly

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Don't throw out my legos

My new address is hard to remember
So I wrote it on the back of my hand
'Cause I leave the nest this coming December
To make it as a grown man
I’m 'bout to lose my only defenders
I'm packing up w...

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100 bad days

Remember when we all got drunk?
I ended up with two broke thumbs
Oh my God, I felt so dumb, lucky me
I wrote a song that no one knows
I played a show and no one showed
Oh my God, I felt so alone,...

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Birthday party

This hospital's got lots of crying kids
A minute ago, I did not exist
It's nice to finally meet my relatives
I bet it's always gonna stay this fun
I bet it's easy stayin' away from drugs
I bet ou...

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World's smallest violin

My grandpa fought in World War Two
He was such a noble dude
I can’t even finish school
Missed my mom and left too soon
His dad was a fireman
Who fought fires so violent
I think I bored my therap...

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My play

I put on a play in my old house (old house)
In my cape, jumpin' on the old couch
Puttin' up lights when it's cold out (cold out)
Mom and dad, both seats sold out
Show you my play

Haven't seen t...

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История в фотографиях (68)


Владимир Высоцкий за рулем своего Mercedes 450. Ума Турман, 1986 год. Джек Николсон в тестовом гриме для фильма "Иствикские ведьмы", 1987 год....

История в фотографиях (67)


«Титаник» покидает гавань и выходит в Кельтское море. Последняя фотография лайнера над водой. 10.04.1912 г. Сибирячка и зашедшие в гости медвежата, 1900 г. Заброшенный парк президентов, штат Вирджиния...

История в фотографиях (66)


Автомобиль скорой помощи. США, 1967 год. 1971 Buick Riviera GS. Лив Тайлер на съёмках фильма "Онегин", 1998 год. Одри Хепберн и ее ручной олененок, 1958 год....

История в фотографиях (65)


Шведская супермодель Лиза Фонсангривс на Эйфелевой башне. Фото Erwin Blumenfeld. Париж, Франция 1939г. Ю. Никулин с семьей на отдыхе, СССР, 1970–е. Моргaн Фримен во время службы в армии США, 1955 год....

История в фотографиях (64)


Первая Всемирная выставка ХХ века. Париж. Франция. 1900г. Павильон СССР на Всемирной технологической выставке EXPO-70, Осака 1970 год. ...