[group speaking in a a different language]

[Intro: Busta Rhymes: (talking)]

See we, we about to take it where

Where it all started

We gonna take em' back

Busta Rhymes now, Flipmode now

My nigga Fingaz now

Check it, yo

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]

Uh huh, Busta Bus is back in this bitch, holding the spot

Puttin all the pep all in your step now we controllin the rock (Yeah My Nigga)

See how we comin be loadin the docks

Floatin and simply stockin the goods that we makin you flop (Ay yo)

See now we thicker and we be makin you sicker

Stuck like a bumper sticker from how we be dropping it quicker

For all these niggas that be riding and whippin in their truck (Crash)

And buyin another one and do not be givin a fuck (What!)

Flipmode (Yes) cause we knowin we comin to get it

Gather around all my niggas who that be already to set it (Set it)

Fuckin and just break them off, let the women just shake it off

Got them bouncin to take it off for me, Check it!

Cause i've been double dutchin and dosey-do' in on music way before

A lot of these new niggas could figure then pattend all on my flow

Peep on how we coming to rip it and know we gonna wet ya

And rep for my niggas cause I'm coming to get ya

I said...

[Chorus: Busta Rhymes]

Guess who's comin?

With brand new fire to satisfy all the people in the street when it drops

(Let's Go)


Let me see all the people with me let me see your hand high

let me know you up in the spot (Ay yo I'm sayin)

Everytime we givin you music we give you the kind of music

that makes you bang it loud on your block (C'mon C'mon)

This is to know when I'm comin I'm comin to make you wyle out in the

place that makes you ge