When Abyss Winds Return
[Music Palubicki; Lyrics Helmkamp]

I am the warfare

Blasting in from blazing horizons

I am the abyssic lust

Tasting blood from the lips of the dying

Plague bearer

World shatterer

I am the reaper's blade

Writhe sadistic merciless

I am become death

Caressed by pallid fingers

I am the cruelty

That chaos doth evoke

Bearer of the black standard of war

When abyss winds return

Mountains smashed - crumble down

Bring to boil a sickly sea

Dance in the ashes of my enemies

10,000 years of victory

Plague bearer

World shatterer

I am the flames

That feast upon your fears

I am the lingering coals

Spawn of blessed cremation

I am the malignant goal

Hour funerary sacrifice

A Phoenix born of the Fallen Age

When abyss winds return