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Sons of Vengeance

Vielfour fiery

Four corners race- stretch infinity

Cataclysms celebrate

A whirling soul ablaze with spirited gleam

A silence made sullen by the lightning's voice

Four armed comet scra...

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Smoldering in Exile

Total war witchery damned conjuration

Leather winged covens of death scar the skies

Rivers of fire, blood and defamation

Bloated seas of rage steep fearless eyes

Demonthrong clatter on c...

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Black Solstice

From beyond the multitude of stars

Arktos ouros- lotus petals unfurled

Portal to the vault of sun and lightning

Zeta Ursa Majoris- arms outstretched

Wheel to the chariot of the nightsky

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In the dancing blaze of world cremation

Ashes usurp the thrones of untruth

In the glowing funeral pyres

Where shadows and smoke no longer betray

Furnace fired - matter laid bare

The t...

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Originally performed by Possessed

Death has beckoned you to hell

You can't escape my evil spell

Past the gates, evil fate

Into the depths cast to burn

unseen terror life of doom


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The dream pervades mysterious and lewd

I am One of Many offered unto thee

Bearing proud the brand of sacreligion

Sacrificed not in vain to Azazael

Cast down from the Heavens yet never Fa...

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Bearing at the edges of the world

The hallowed arms of those

Whom death hath struck down

Warriors from the beyond

In ranks both seen and unseen

Of this the desolation

Our enigmatic...

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Burning in Hell

The frozen has lain forlorn too many ages

Wasting away in the crucible of space

Drawing down the hallowed darkness

Arms outstretched embracing ecstacies of hate

Black solstice

Somber ...

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Sodomy Curse

Chaos infinite- majesty of execration

Squatting proud upon the throne of abomination

Death profane burns bright- supreme

Consuming foetid flesh of the nazarene

Rites of scourge- immolate...

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Solar Wills

Garden of earthly delights is mounting flames

We are burning our way to paradise

The lust for vengeance shall not despair

Blood and sperm - agony

War declared - now hear this

Sodomy c...

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There once was a blue-gray wolf

Whom destiny ordained warrior king of the world

Born to the saddle- blacksmith- tyrant to be

In the great valley of Gurvan Nuur

Storming with mane of flam...

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Awake! Sons of Vengeance rise

Rub the dust of twenty centuries from your eyes

Fashion your being: ploughshares into weapons of war

Today we conquer the self - tomorrow the world

Men of w...

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Stormgods Unbound

Firestorm within flesh

Carnivorous limpid eyes

Behind ecstatic lips

The crush of breath expires

Profanation - Violation

Hammering down war

Penetration - Suffocation

Lust inferna...

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That Which Lies Upon

Fierce- steel eyed devils

For whom the sun never sets

Proud-Iron youth Of the noble cultures of the past

Striding- like greyhounds keen

Where glory beckons

Tough as burnished leather

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The Fall of the Idols of Flesh

Lascivious - that which lies upon

A chimera of orgiastic buggery

Sodomite pedophile gaping welterd cunt

The tenderness of little girls is not unknwown to me

Ripping sacred vestments - ve...

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The Scapegoat

Dash against the rocks the sickling and his cries

Break the back of the steed upon you ride

Boiling bodies of water, to glass the sand

And may mother's breasts shrivel and dust

Tongues sha...

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I who wait and writhe and wrestle

With air that hath no boughs to nestle

My body weary of empty clasp

Strong as a lion and sharp as an asp

Give me the sign of the Open Eye

And the tok...

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When Abyss Winds Return

Corvus corax descending

Through ashes smoke and pain

Stark sepia sigil of strength

The revealing stench of victory

Lycanthropic ripping death

A baptism in annihilation

Drips from t...

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Suckled at the teat of the she-wolf

I was born in the light of the gibbous moon

Fathered by vengeance and carnal lust

Unholy matrimony of blood and sperm


Shape shift moonligh...

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As Predator to Prey

[Paroles : Christian Dйcamps]

Au seuil de ton antique

Aux orniиres d'un parchemin,

Je me risque а poursuivre

Les lignes de sa main...

Silhouette de version latine,

Elle dйguise le ...

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Тильда Суинтон в молодости и Кирстен Данст


Тильда Суинтон в молодости, 80-ые. Кирстен Данст, 2000-ые. Соблазнительные девушки–кролики Playboy, 1960 год. Джим Керри и Камерон Диас со своими дублерами Лизой Нанзьеллой и Дино Джорджио на съёмках ...

Шведская группа ABBA и Николь Кидман1995 год


Кейт Бекинсейл, 2010-ые. Шведская группа ABBA. 1974 г. Калифорнийские фермеры во время работы в саду на специальных ходулях, 1960 год. Петрова Александра - российская модель, победительница конкурса ...

Эмма Ишта — австралийская актриса и фотомодель и Распутин, генерал-майор Путятин и полковник Лотман, Российская империя


Лив Тайлер, 2000-ые. Разгрузка сухогруза с яблоками, 1970-е. Набор для охоты на вампиров, XIX век. Распутин, генерал-майор Путятин и полковник Лотман, Российская империя, 1904 год....