some spend their time in conversation

they just talk and talk all day

but there's a sweeter situation, and

it's just a touch away

one kiss can say all that we need to say

don't have to tell me you care

the message gets through

with the things you're doing

when we're alone in the dark, you speak

to my soul, talk to my heart

in the language of love, we say everything

every time that we touch we say so much

in the language of love, nothing says it better

than when we're talking together

touch by touch in the language of love

in the language of love

this love don't need no explanation

we understand just fine, oh baby

got heart to heart communication

i tell ya that's the sweetest kind

i love the way your body talks to mine

you can just look in my eyes to know that it's

real 'cause we go by feeling

we don't need words to express what's in our hearts we say it best