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Real Woman

What you need is a real, real woman tonight
A real woman tonight
Someone that does you right
Keeps you awake at night, now honey
A real woman tonight, a real woman tonight
One that holds you ti...

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Lucky Girl

There are some girls who'd never take a chance
And yet they say that they need more romance
Diamonds and pearls are all some girls can see
Your kiss is the jewel for me
I'm such a lucky girl

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Cuba Libre

The place that I come from, I barely remember
The place that I come from, I barely remember
But the soul of my people will be with me forever
The soul of my people will be with me forever
Swept ...

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When you give what's in your heart, to the one you love
You want them to give their love back to you
When every kiss and every smile mean the world to you
Then you've got it bad
Don't need a cur...

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Touched by an Angel

Touched by an angel
Gloria estefan, emilio estefan jr., kike santander

My angel, my angel
I've been touched by an angel
When I look into your eyes
With my heart I see
You're a blessing from ...

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Don't Let This Moment End

Kiss me...hold me...touch me
Don't let this moment end...
Please...don't let this moment end
At least 'til once again
Our hearts can be together
Please...I've never let you go
But still I need...

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Heaven's What I Feel

Love sometimes
Can be like destiny....
There's no way to say forever
May not realize your dreams
And love sometimes
Is like the blowin' wind
It can take us to wher...

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Mi cuerpo pide oye
Oye mi cuerpo pide salsa
Y con este ritmo
Vamos a bailar
Oye mi cuerpo pide salsa
Y con este ritmo
No quiero parar
Que estas haciendo
Estoy cayendo
La fuerza se me v...

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Don't Release Me

Back by popular demand
At the copa cabana
Gloria estefan
With the refugees
Get off the wall
You ready?
This one goes out for the cuban kings and queens
Thugs falling in love
With latin serp...

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Don't Stop

The clock is ticking, and I'm here wishing
This new found love will find no end
Don't wanna feel, another feeling
Don't wanna know what time will send
I wanna stop, the earth from turning,
The ra...

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I Just Wanna' Be Happy

I wanna a midnight rendezvous
I wanna give my love to you
I wanna make my dreams come true
I just wanna be happy
I wanna dance the whole night through
I wanna smell the flowers too
I wanna fee...

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Some dreams live on in time forever
Those dreams, you want with all your heart
And I'll do whatever it takes
Follow through with the promise I made
Put it all on the line
What I hoped for at la...

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I Know You Too Well

Baby it's nothing that you've said
But I know it's not just in my head
You're changing baby, and you don't think I see
I feel you drifting away, a little bit further every day
Don't tell me baby...

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The Heart Never Learns

Only time can bring the peace of mind you treasure
Only love can really break your heart
But we must feel the pain before the pleasure
Only then can we tell them apart

We are never too afraid ...

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I'm Not Giving You Up

To be completely honest
It scares me to imagine
What life would be without you

And for this very reason
I ask you to forgive me
For what I'm putting us through

Although there are so many t...

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You'll Be Mine

When the sun is setting in the sky
Everybody know it's party time
And when the moon is rising high
I'll be yours, I know you will be mine (party time)

All day the world goes round & round

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Steal Your Heart

I don't mean to be the teardrop spilling over your resentments
Don't intend to be the cry with which you voice your discontentment
I don't wanna be a picture, fading slowly from your memory

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Has once again suprised me
Oh destiny
Must want you here beside me
Like the sunrise with it's splendor
With a passion strong yet tender

You draw me in
Like th...

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Path of The Right Love

Love, love, love, love, love
Say the word so very losely
Where we come from is love, love, pure love
And we're on our way back home
And on that way, you never look back
'cause there's nothing t...

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Show Me The Way Back to Your Heart

I remember days nights were never cold
I had you in my life
I had you here to hold
And I remember love warm as a summer day
But I lost you
And I lost my way
Now I'm in the rain
Begging you plea...

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