Keep On Dancing

I got a friend who loves the music

He got a red hot groove

But he don't use it

I get so afraid, he's gonna lose it

If you gotta gift - man, don't abuse it

Keep on dancing

The experts say they really care

They don't have a clue what's out there

The teachers tell the children not to swear

And the drunken lawyes

Leaves the kid

To pop something in

To kill the fear... it's not fair

Keep on dancing

I'm a frightened Dad, worried sick

Hear what I say?

I could put something in here

You know what rhymes with it

The whole world seems to end

In c.k.e.d

You ain't fooling me anyway

Keep on dancing

Are you ready here comes

Steve Gadd

Keep on dancing

See em run for the books, cos

They just don't get it

They throw it at me

But I've already read it

Before they speak,

Some-one already said it

We can't be friends

Cos Karl Marx don't rhyme

With Mercedez-Benz

I need credit

You can shove it

You know why?

'Cos I love it!

Keep on dancing