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Faith for reasons still unknown

Like 'Bleak House fog' seems everywhere

The truth has frozen into stone

And hope lies freezing in the midnight air

Though dark our days may seem

This i...

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Deep water

All change on then merry go line

Everybody looking for a sign

Jumping up and down when the switch goes on

Nobody knows where it's coming from

I'm here watching, keeping well away

Oh I...

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Hey you

I'm stood out with my brother

On a tree lined avenue

I see the sweetest little creature

Coming into my view

And I say to myself, I say man I'm gonna get me some

Of that bright little ...

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I can hear your heartbeat

When you sing of the joy only love can bring

Heaven knows it's in my heart and my soul

We're caught in a world full of tears

So many bad times and fears

So while there's a chance and you...

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Let it loose

There's no sense in waiting

So lets make a start

I got a poisoned finger

On a broken heart

Don't have time for reasons

Or feel inclined to quiz

The past is over

That's just the ...

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Love's strange ways

When passion shines her blinding light on you

You know my friend there's nothing that you can really do

Just follow on behind her veil of deepest purple haze

Down, to love's strange ways


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Midnight blue

I got my money

I got it here in my hand

OK let me tell you

This is how we stand

I've waited so long

Good things, never too late

So don't take no chances

Leave nothing to faith

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Nothing's happening by the sea

Salty river

Falls asleep in the bay

Always gets there

Never early, never late

Nothing's happening

Nothing's happening by the sea

White waves tumble down

And gently roll back int...

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Out of the darkness

There's an empty street in an empty town

There's an old boutique selling ageing gowns

Some words on the walls that were written

By the light of the moon so bright

Can you hear me, can yo...

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Warm winds blowing

Heating blue sky

And a road that goes forever

Been thinking 'bout it lately

Been watching some TV

Been looking all around me

At what has come to be

Been talki...

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Can't Get Through

Radio speaker - radio bleep

Put it on hard disc -

See it on your pc

Everybody moving - cos

their so afraid of losing

You gotta pull the straps

Till it can't fight back

Say you...

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Coming Off The Ropes

I'm coming off the ropes

(he's going down)

He thinks I'm beat

I'm coming off the ropes yea

This ain't no retreat

He thinks I'm going down

For sure my head is spinning round


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E is for the comfort,

You give to me

E is for the peace, I feel inside

E is for the good times

That go against the bad times

E is for the world you gave us

And left us here beh...

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Evil No.2

They call me love

They call me dear

They kiss off and leave me

For their own career

I got a satellite dish, I'm all alone

With my little goldfish

And eminem, em on my headphon...

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Go to that secret place

Inside your soul

Go to its deepest place

Only you and I know

Can you see her?

There she is still shining bright

When the sun goes down

See her crim...

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Good Morning

Good morning. Good morning

I feel so good, I feel so good today

Do you know, I feel so good,

So good today

I won't let nothing get in my way

Good morning. Good morning


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I'm In My Car

I'm in my car

I got my telephones and radio

This is my home

I have learnt to love and live

The only way I know

And I don't want to change a thing

This is my world you are sitti...

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Keep On Dancing

I got a friend who loves the music

He got a red hot groove

But he don't use it

I get so afraid, he's gonna lose it

If you gotta gift - man, don't abuse it

Keep on dancing

The e...

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Last Open Road

How fast can I run?

How far can I go?

These are the questions,

The young want to know

I met her in Brooklyn,

She was coming from a place

I said "where are you going to"?

She ...

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Oh Marvin,

Seems so long

But I still remember you

I would have given everything

If I could have talked to you

For just one small moment

In the quiet of the day

You took my ...

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"Танец будущего" Айседоры Дункан


Айседора Дункан, великая танцовщица, жена поэта Сергея Есенина вошла в историю не просто как танцовщица, она по праву считается реформатором танца. Ее движения рождались из музыки и эти пластичные дви...

Как снимали "Приключения Буратино"


Почему Фаина Раневская отказалась от роли черепахи Тортиллы, что больше всего пугало на съемках исполнителя главной роли Диму Иосифова, как страдал Пьеро и почему режиссер не мог подобрать актера на р...