All Devils Eve
My brain fed with ecstacy

Fills my need

As i feel my body burst with great speed

And i clench a needle in a blood drained fist

Then i turn and mark another trip off my list

A)Feel that rush,with that gold

satanic dust

feel that pain,the drug induce through

my veins

I will in life as i will in death

Sow the seeds with every breath

Never will i run,never will i hide

Only to express myself and feel it deep



Now i dream in comatose neuotic state

As my paranoia grows i must wait

Til the feeling of the drug starts to die

Then i'll hit the drug again,take me high

b) Feel that buzz,for all the goddam

good it does

Feel the flight,that flies me in through

day and night

Now inside my arteries there's no blood