Shadows Dance
When darkness is fallin and you feel alone

You pray for love but none you found

The girls in graves are callin out your name

You gonna get love but it's from the underground

Your paralized legs starts to walk

The moon is full and the shadows crawl

Cemetary is misty and cold

You wanna have love but with no one old

You look at the stones and read their names

You startin to dig you feel insane

The spade hits the coffin you get a chill

This one is dead you don't have to kill

You have just commited a crime

But you don't care the girl was fine

What will you do when you are done

Were you proud with yourself when you made love

You know it's wrong to dig up people from the graves

Is there something that is'nt working in your brain

When you were younger no one gave much love to you

Alone in this world no one knows that you exists

You're a psycho and sick to the core

You dig up the girls and make them to whores

Don't you know that is wrong

The dead are helpless and you're feeling strong

Is this some kind of revenge

When you were little no one gave you a chance

No one knows what's going on in your head

All we know you make love to the dead

Now you are dead and gone and lyin in the dirt

The dead ones rest in peace they are no longer disturbed