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to the red light world

come to me child

and show me what you? ve got

no need to cry

as you pay

the price for my greed

my lust, my hunger

They came with promises of go...

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Now I should cry

it was years ago

Inside of me

so much I can? t control

I am hiding from life

I isolate my self

I keep it all inside

I never speak the words

that tells how I ...

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Collector of Tears

I am the blood flowing in your veins

I am the one who's making you insane

I am the one who's eating on your brain

I am the one who gives you all the pain

I am the demon that lives inside...

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Corporal Infection


The scream remain from last night

when he skilfuled took her life

It? s not heroic

When he slices them with a knife

but his desire dies

He is killing for pleasure


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Crimson Snow

I am the harvester of life

Making your life black

I have called your name

There? s no turning back

I am, the death, ruling, with your time

I can, but I won? t give,

you the time yo...

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Death in Black

I am now layin on my deathbed

Cold and weak and full of pain

My skin is wrinkled and I'm searching

for a reason to not pass away

I have been sick for a long time

The cancer has taken ...

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When darkness came so silently

It was the end of humanity

All was burning nothing left to save

The streets turned into a mass grave

The people that was still alive

They pray to God wi...

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Gods Punishment

I am walking in the winter night

Under the moon alone

Shadows hanging over me

Like painful memories

Can't you tell me where I belong

In this society

I don't care about anything


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In Silence Forever

Welcome to a trip with me

Inside my brain to insanity

A guided journey to misery

You listen to what I say

I don't know you, you know my name

We sit and talk and you're gettin paid


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Inside My Head

Close your eyes as if you die

There is no lies in the twilight sky

Don't try to hide don't you realize

The only thing is to take your life

So come with me I'm all you need

Or I will n...

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Key to the Eternity

I thought you were sleeping in your bed

You looked so peaceful and serene

But you had left this stinking earth

Your soul flies free among the stars

Oh my friend I miss you so

and tear...

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You let the world I love grow weak

And won't listen as I speak

Of children dying for profit's sake

You modern version of the snake

Innocent's fill the nameless graves

Their way out fr...

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Make You Pay

Deep inside of me

in a grave

lies the dreams that I

Cherished the most

I killed them all for you

all for love

that was my sacrifice

the price I paid

Standing naked in the pou...

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My Dead Dreams

Preachin' about a nice paradise

That don't even exists

You are so full of shit in your brain

That you don't understand

Someone created the lies that you buy

You believe in what they s...

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Religious Fantasy

I ran too far

fought too hard and lived too fast

broke me down, tore me up

So I buried myself

deep down in the blackest hole

ther I slept, There I wept

(all) these tears I shed


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Gonna make you scream in pain

Gonna make you fear my name

I'm gonna make you meet your death

I am gonna blow a hole in your head

You are scum and nothing worth

I hate mother who gave ...

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Rotten in Peace

The terror comes at the end of the day

When all my strength has withered away

The flow of time has touch so cold

Its freezing me as I grow old

I pass into another sleepless night

to c...

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Shadows Dance

When darkness is fallin and you feel alone

You pray for love but none you found

The girls in graves are callin out your name

You gonna get love but it's from the underground

Your paralized...

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Sick to the Core

Cold December night darkness descending outside

Surrounded by silence and time

Dreams start to arise

I wish it was real I wish it was life

Escape from reality

All the dreams I have an...

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Surrounded by Dreams

There is a voice that call's to us from inside

It speaks of new times coming soon

We feel the scent of revolution in the air

The winds of change are growing strong

Let's make the temple ...

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