Tiny Apocalypse
(David Byrne)

Raise up - shake them lazy bones

Read the T-shirt but still don't understand

Comin' home with a little apocalypse

It comes, now do you have time for this?

A 3-tone carpet and a Jackie Chan spear

Lookin' at a hairdo and a belly full of beer

Well I ain't no poet, ain't got no rhyme

Well I got me a car and I don't know how to drive

In the event of a pressure loss

All our lines are busy now

I will be laughing out loud anyhow

Ev'ryday, a little apocalypse

Lay down, lay down next to this

Lookin' at the body well I don't even know his name

Call me in this morning was a friend of mine

Well the wind so strong, it's blown us all around

Wind so strong, nobody settle down

Ev'ryday another apocalypse

Had a TV but I don't know how deep it is

Please read the print advisory

Would you like to go ahead?

Dancin' wherever she goes - Tippytoes









Little sister gotta take her medicine

Baby brother, gonna do it all again

Runnin' fast but cannot catch the bus

Funny feelin', this is part of us

And you must take your medicine

Getting better everyday

Good for a limited time - Feelin' fine

We will return your things to you

When it's time for you to leave

So quiet nobody knows - Tippytoes