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Burnt by The Sun

Atom-smashers in the cocktail lounge tonight
Opera singers in the graveyard keeping time
And the dj mixes them all
And the music rhymes but it crawls
And the music comes from hydrogen bombs

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Daddy Go Down

The sun sinks low in the western lands
Go down, daddy go-down, daddy oh daddy go-down
And a woman's heart is like the wind
Go down, daddy go-down, daddy oh daddy go-down

And he could not put h...

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Dance on Vaseline

I'm taking back the knowledge
I'm taking back the gentleness
I'm taking back the ritual
I'm giving in to sweetness

Come preacherman, shoot me with your poisoned arrow
But I dance on vaseline

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They Are in Love

She put the scar on the side of his face
When he disappeared for three days
And they say that they are in love

He took her cocaine when she was asleep
Friends say he gave half away
And they s...

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A Soft Seduction

The words of love are not enough
Though sweet as wine, as thick as blood
Passionless moments and we are homeless
Out on the street

But life is cool and things aren't bad
Got what he wants, lo...

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Miss America

I love america, her secret's safe with me
And I know her wicked ways
The parts you never see

Oh super-girl, you'll be my super-model
Although you have a reputation
Can I afford to move above ...

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Finite = Alright

Three-hundred-fifty cities in the world
Just thirty teeth inside of our heads
These are the limits to our experience
It's scary but it's alright
And everything is finite

Only one record, in t...

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Peace on earth, soon we will be
Where nothing worries us
Lazy days, cool is the breeze
Across the universe

Armies of soldiers are sleeping tonight
And moonlight is kissing their eyes

When ...

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Fuzzy Freaky

Rose is tattooed in a perfect place
She bears the burden of a pretty face
The monkey boy, the leopard girl
The strange is also beautiful

It's summer time and the grass is high
Fuzzy freaky, f...

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The Civil Wars

I got a right to be out on my mind
I got a right to be who I am
Love me, love my problems
The good times and the rotten

The war is in me, the war is in you
The war is in everybody now
Shake ...

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The Gates of Paradise

I am nothing like my sister
I am nothing like my mom
You can't see me in my father
Wonder where did I come from?

And the laws of men are not the laws of heaven
And angel's breath is like the...

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Wicked Little Doll

Wicked little doll, lovely to look at
Wicked little doll, charming to hold
Wicked little doll, you are not human
Wicked little doll, you have no soul

Wicked little doll, I'm not your victim

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Something Ain't Right

Prime time in the living rooms
And now all the drapes are closed
Moonlight shinin' from above
It seems like ev'rybody knows

Oh - something ain't right
Oh - something ain't right

Well, God ...

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She's Mad

Bangin' his head
Stab in the back
Look her in the eye and buddy, you can tell she's crazy
Smack in the face
Look at 'em go
Take a look around and you can see I don't mean maybe

If sex is a w...

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The Cowboy Mambo

I can't find my way around this table
And I can't find my way around your face
And I can't find my way around your body
And wasted days turn into wasted nights

Hey lookit me now!
Hey lookit m...

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Somebody, somebody's gettin' outa bed
Somebody, somebody's gettin' herself dressed
Somebody, somebody combin' back her hair
Somebody, somebody dancin' down the stairs

And on the tv and in maga...

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Twistin' in The Wind

Now washington, dc's
A funny little town
The further you look into it
The further things stick out

You oughta be ashamed
You oughta be destroyed
I'll chop you into little bits
And feed you ...

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A Million Miles Away

I ain't gonna work here no more
I ain't gonna work here no more
Honey, come and dance with me
'cause I ain't gonna work here no more

I feel like I'm walkin' on air
I feel like I'm walkin' on ...

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Tiny Town

It's a tiny town, you can hang around with me
It's a tiny town, and ev'rybody knows what you been doin'
So don't you mess around, 'cause it's a tiny town,
Teeny weeny town, tiny town, tiny town

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A Walk in The Dark

I'm takin' all your little toys away
You don't have any say so in your future
The pretty colors and the shiny lights
Do we just chase whatever we desire?

Oh silent night
Oh holy night

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