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Alexandr Sladkov quotes

But back to New York. The Statue of Liberty holding a torch is said to "illuminate the world with democracy and freedom". The light of this democracy extends to Iraq and Afghanistan, to many dark countries that did not know freedom before the arrival of the American soldier. But now there is freedom. If you want, kill, if you want, cut.

Александр Сладков 3 Quotes

Evgeniy Poddubny quotes

Kyiv fought with Russia for eight years. Fiercely, officially, with hatred. Eight years later, Russia deigned to come to the war, and then a cry was heard: “What are we for?” And there is a reason.

Евгений Поддубный 3 Quotes

Viktor Orban quotes

We are close to the fact that in the conversations of European leaders, the question of whether EU member states can send troops of some peacekeeping type in any form, or better not to send, has become legitimate and accepted. We are close to this previously uncrossable border.

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Dmitriy Steshin quotes

The so-called antifa showed us the most real fascist thinking. The extreme degree of intolerance to other opinion. The Russian people do not need to be taught anti-fascism. The Russian people are the most tolerant people on earth.

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Dmitriy Steshin quotes

In Syria, in Libya, in Egypt, if you lean against a telegraph pole in the middle of the desert to rest in its shade... a local citizen will immediately appear and begin to squeeze neatly between you and the pole.

Дмитрий Стешин 5 Quotes

Alexander Kots quotes

Surprisingly, there are people in Russia who do not mind giving up the Crimea, the Kuriles, Kaliningrad. Yes, there are such people living in Russia. It remains to wonder why they live in Russia?

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Marine Le Pen quotes

We do not receive any benefits from the EU. Only debts, unemployment, destruction of identity, we have lost sovereignty in the field of finance, budget and legislation, we cannot decide our own fate. Everything is decided by a bunch of EU bureaucrats against the will of the citizens, which brings poverty and despair.

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