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Beach Party Tonight

I want to go back
To the time that I was sailing
And if I could just go home
I could go around in circles
??? like before ???

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Little Eyes

Took a walk alone last night
Slept inside your head
It was raining hard again,
crawled back into bed
Tried to catch up to you
But you moved too fast
Thought about a million things
Fell asle...

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Nothing But You And Me

Well, I don't care what's wrong or right
When you're not there by my side
I just wonder what to do
Well, if I can't have you
And I think about nothing much at all
Nothing but you and me
And ...

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Season Of The Shark

Do you need someone to hide behind
Well I don’t mind
Well I don’t mind
Do you need to be alone to unwind
Well that’s alright
That’s alright
Sure I know its hard
Know that...

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Today Is The Day

i followed you ..foolishly
you were at a smoky bar, you were out til three
sat alone inside my car, it was nearly four
we were gonna wait for you all night
so i locked the door

i was gonna sp...

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Tiny Birds

I will go if you say you'll go do you want to go
I won't talk at all but I'll go for a ride
I will go if you just let go do you want to go
Is it all because of the time I took your advice

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How To Make A Baby Elephant Float

I like to hold hands when we walk
I'm not averse to pillow talk
But I prefer a private joke
The memory it evokes
Because it's our punch line

That film we saw from the front row
It means s...

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Don't Have To Be So Sad

You and me we're at the goldfish pond
and I, I was tagging along for the ride
all the big mouthed fish really made us laugh
and while I stood still I felt a chill
I thought that maybe you did...

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Winter A-Go-Go

On the beach overseas
Icy water slaps at our knees
And the buoy was signaling
As if it knew we were far from home
And you looked at me
And all I could see
Were the lights that were flickerin...

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Moonrock Mambo

Like a thumb in a rubber glove
Or a moonrock in the sky above
I'm thinking, could it be
I'm falling in love

Like a Chunky or a Charleston Chew
Like shoe crab soup or chicken stew
Like Cinder...

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Take Care

Take care not to hurt yourself
Beware of the need for help
You might need too much
And people are such
Take care, please, take care
Some people read idea books
And some people have pretty lo...

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I want summer's sad songs behind me.
I want a laugh a minute, without fail
Want to be Paul Le Mat in 1980
Looking to forget tomorrow, looking everyday.

I want to see you put your hands toget...

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Our Way To Fall

I remember a summer's day
I remember walking up to you
I remember my face turned red
I remember staring at my feet
I remember before we met
I remember sitting next to you
I remember preten...

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The room was filled with talk
For anyone listening
I found a spot by the door
With no one around

Let my mind go
Out of tune
Out of tune

I kept a smile on my face
For anyone looking

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Let's Save Tony Orlando's House

We proudly welcome Tony Orlando
The state fair marquee reads
Inside 1000 people with yellow ribbons sing
and clap on 1 and 3

Watch him burn
He's dropping to his knees
Watch him burn
A medle...

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Last Days of Disco

Saw you at a party
You asked me to dance
Said music was great for dancing
I don't really dance much
But this time I did
And I was glad that I did this time

And the song said "Let's be happ...

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The Crying of Lot G

What did I miss here?
What can't you take anymore?
Expecting a whisper,
I heard the slam of a door

You say that all we ever do is fight
Gee, I don't know that that's true.
then I wonder, am ...

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You Can Have It All

If you want, want my love
Take it baby
If you want, want my heart
Take it baby
You can have it all

If you want, want my time
Take it baby
And if you want my last dime
Take it bay
You ca...

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Tears Are In Your Eyes

You tell me summer's here,
And the time is wrong.
You tell me winter's here and your days...
Are getting long.

Tears are in your eyes... tonight.

You tell me that you haven't,
Slept in d...

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Cherry Chapstick

Someone else's date
In someone else's door
There's a girl with cherry Chapstick on and nothing more.
It's such a lurid pose
and she seems this close
But not to me

Clear as day
Crawling ho...

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"Танец будущего" Айседоры Дункан


Айседора Дункан, великая танцовщица, жена поэта Сергея Есенина вошла в историю не просто как танцовщица, она по праву считается реформатором танца. Ее движения рождались из музыки и эти пластичные дви...

Как снимали "Приключения Буратино"


Почему Фаина Раневская отказалась от роли черепахи Тортиллы, что больше всего пугало на съемках исполнителя главной роли Диму Иосифова, как страдал Пьеро и почему режиссер не мог подобрать актера на р...