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Another Day

Every day she takes a morning bath as she wets her hair,

Wraps a towel around her, as she's heading for the bedroom chair,

It's just another day.

Slipping into stockings,

Stepping int...

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Band On The Run










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Beware My Love

Can't say I've found out,

I can't tell you

what's all about.

Don't know who does,

I tell you to

Beware, my love.

Beware, my love.

Beware, my love.

Beware, my love.

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Late At Night When The Wind Is Still

I'll Come Flying Through Your Door,

And You'll Know What Love Is For.

L'm A Bluebird, I'm A Bluebird

I'm A Bluebird, L'm A Bluebird

Yeah ,Yea...

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C Moon

C Moon C Moon C Moon Is She.

C Moon C Moon C Moon To Me.

How Come No One Older Than Me

Ever Seems To Understand The Things I Wanna To Do?

It Will Be L7 And I'd Never Get To Heaven

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Call Me Back Again

Well When I, When I Was

Just A Little Baby Boy

Every Night I Would Call

Your Number Brought Me Joy.

I Called Your House, Every Night Since Then

But I Ain't Never, No No Never


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Give Ireland Back to the Irish

Now there's no way in

Now there's no way out

Did you lift me up

Just to let me down

I lived your secret life

There out on the plane

God I know I'm in too deep

But here I go agai...

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Goodnight Tonight

Don't get too tired for love

Don't let it end (oooohhhh)

Don't say goodnight to love

It may never be the same again


Don't say it

Don't say it

Say anything, but don't sa...

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Helen Wheels

Said Farewell To My Last Hotel, It Was Never Much Kind Of Abode

Glasgow Town Never Brought Me Down When I Was Heading Out On The Road

Carlisle City Never Looked So Pretty And The Kendal Free...

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Hi Hi Hi

Well, When I Met You At The Station

You Were Standing With A Bootleg In Your Hand.

I Took You Back To My Little Place

For A Taste Of A Multicoloured Band.

We're Gonna Get Hi Hi Hi,

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Ive Had Enough

Give Ireland back to the Irish

don't make them have to take it away

give Ireland back to the Irish

make Ireland Irish today.

Great Britain you are tremendous

and nobody knows like me

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Jet! Jet! Jet!

I Can Almost Remember Their Funny Faces

That Time You Told Me That

You Were Going To Be Marrying Soon.

And Jet, I Thought The Only

Lonely Place Was On The Moon.

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Junior's Farm

You should have seen me with the pocker man,

I had a honey and I bet a grand,

Just in the nick of time I looked at his hand.

I was talking to an Eskimo,

Said he was hopping for a fal...

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Let 'Em In

You're talking to me from the back of my car

And I can't get nothing right

And then you wonder why I stand at the bar

Day and night

I've had enough

I can't put up with any more

No ...

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Let Me Roll It

You Gave Me Something.

I Understand,

You Gave Me Loving In The Palm Of My Hand

I Can't Tell You How I Feel

My Heart Is Like A Wheel

Let Me Roll It

Let Me Roll It To You


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Letting Go

Ah, She Tastes Like Wine

Such A Human Being So Divine

Oh She Feels Like Sun

Mother Nature Look At What You're Done

Oh I Feel Like Letting Go

Oh I Feel Like Letting Go.

Ah, Sh...

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Listen To What The Man Said

Any Time, Any Day

You Can Hear The People Say,

But He Wont Mind, Well, I Don't Know

But I Say Love Is Kind

Soldier Boy Kisses Girl

Leaves Behind A Tragic World

But He Wont Mi...

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Live And Let Die

When you were young

And your heart was an open book

You used to say live and let live

(You know you did, you know you did, you know you did)

But if this ever changin' world

In which w...

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Love In Song

My Heart Cries Out For Love

And All That Goes With Loving

Love In Song - Love In Song

My, You're So Fine

When Love Is Mine

I Can't Go Wrong,

Love In Song - Love In Song


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Magneto And Titanium Man

Well I Was Talking Last Night

Magneto And Titanium Man . . .

We Were Talking About You, Babe,

Oo --- They Said ---

You Were Involved In A Robbery

That Was Due To Happen

At A ...

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