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All I Want

And if you open up and let me in
Let me in

I feel my world is changing
It seems so far away
It's my last chance to make it turn out right
And if our worlds still lie together,
love wil...

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Goodnight Girl

You can hear me so clearly
And see how I try
You feel me, so heal me
And tear me apart

I won't tell a soul
I won't tell at all
Do they have to know
About my goodnight girl


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When the big guns start to shooting
With their bullets of deception
With the smile upon your face
Going from second hand to almost new
Well I try to live life eye to eye
But I say I find i...

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Lip Service

Ain't got enough, so I go out and get some more
It got so bad it nearly left me lying on the floor
I started thinking that it's wearing on my soul
But I got to get it getting tonight


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Love Is All Around

I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me
And so the feeling grows
It's written on the wind
It's everywhere I go, oh yes it is
So if you really love me
Come on...

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Julia Says

Here we go again, thru the backstreets of my mind
It seems my life was standing still
Who's sorry now, it's funny how I didn't know it

Here we go again, fighting things we never win
It see...

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Sweet Surrender

Hey little fella, get your show together
I was listening in before
Now I don't care no more

Look around now (look around now)
It's always that it's gonna get me down
It's only begun


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Wishing I Was Lucky

I was living in a world of make believe
When my best friend wrote and told me
That there may be a job in the city
And you never told me

He would dream about another scheme
About another ...

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Sweet Little Mystery

My love has taken a tumble
Oh, but I'm still standing
You're such a natural, sing,
That's what you are

Say I wouldn't steer you wrong now baby
I wouldn't steer you wrong

It's just th...

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Somewhere Somehow

If you're there and you care
And you listen very careful, darling
You'll hear my prayer

And if you hear, loud and clear
You would get a million kisses from me
Somewhere, somehow

And ...

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Stay With Me Heartache

Here I am
I want you to know that I understand
What it is you're giving me

I've got it all brand new

Here we are
Put up a show of hands
But I've got the feeling that
They don't kno...

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If I Never See You Again

The morning light comes stealing
To start a new day
Out there the world is waiting
To take us far away
And it's time to make
The final break
But the memory will linger forever

If I n...

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Angel Eyes (Home And Away)

I pay the price for cheap advice

Sick of leaving in the morning
With the night you gave away
So now I'm gonna take that all that I can get
With those angel eyes
You make saints do sins a...

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Don't Want To Forgive Me Now

She's gonna leave me on my own again
I guess it happens every now and then
She closes her eyes and says goodnight
God only knows the reason why
We get together and we fall apart again


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She's All On My Mind

There's a place for just the two of us,
There's a love for us to share,
Something special just the two if us

Wishing on my star
That I don't spend a lifetime without you,
Without you


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It's the same old situation
Same old faces, but a different town
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
I'm dancing with the shadows,
In a cold moonlight.

And I can't wait until the morning ...

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Start making sense
Of everything I've seen before, well, um
Somewhere in my life
Been paying the price
But that ain't enough anymore, well
Don't get me wrong now baby
Don't get me wron...

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With A Little Help From My Friends

What would you think if I sang out of tune
Would you stand up and walk out on me
Lend me your ears and I'll sing you a song
And I'll try not to sing out of key

Oh, I'll get by with a littl...

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All my troubles seem so far away
Now it looks as though they're here to stay
Oh I believe in yesterday

I'm not half the man I used to be
There's a shadow hanging over me

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Back on My Feat

Shouldn't really matter
But everything's getting me down
I'll get myself together
And get my feet on solid ground
I used to get so mad about it,
Moving on the wrong tracks

I wanna get right ...

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Как выглядят дети российских олигархов


На «золотых наследниках» уже с пеленок лежит ответственность за развитие и продвижение семейного дела. Между тем эти молодые люди не всегда готовы продолжить начинания отца и иногда выбирают самостоят...

Сколько стоят хиты российских исполнителей


Еще с советских времен мы помним, что песня должна быть такой, чтобы «душа развернулась, а потом обратно завернулась». Искрометный репертуар рождает синглы, которые затем дарят знаменитости популярнос...

История в фотографиях (25)


И сново в нашей подборке про милых дам. Изобретательница современного бюстгалтера и Принцесса Маргарет принимает ванну. Коллин Стэн провела в гробу 7 лет. Одри Хепберн со своим домашним любимцем....

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В подборке мы увидим единственную фотографию участника Бородинского сражения в возрасте 117 лет, мы вам покажем мператрицу Японии с подружками в детском саду. Трон Ивана Грозного и пороховой будильник...