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IntroLude 8701

8701 Man it's been a long time coming But I never forgot about you I'm here Yeah, we've traveled the world Seen a lot of places, so many faces We had a good time - we've grown together Who would've ...

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U Remind Me

Yo, I ain't seeing you in a minute, but I got something to tell ya, listen.

See the thing about you that caught my eye

Is the same thing that makes me change my mind

Kinda hard to e...

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Twork It Out

Yo.. check this here There nuttin' that I'd rather do Than spend some time with you So why don't we just chill Make it coco sexy, you know You sure make it right Spend some quality time You make me wa...

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U Got It Bad

Oh, no, no, no, no, no... When you feel it in your body You found somebody who makes you change your ways Like hanging with your crew Said you act like you're ready But you don't really know And every...

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If I Want To

[Usher] (JD) Every time I look up I see it in your face You wanna hook up with me (You know you wanna hook up - stop playing) Instead of acting like you supposed to You cop an attitude like you're goo...

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Can't Let U Go

[JD] Yo, shit I'm sick of this man I can't even take no more Cause I hate the fact that I love you so much And you don't even understand What this is doin' to me Everytime I try to get away I just can...

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U Don't Have To Call

Yo after tonight Don't have your girl around me True playa for real Ask my nigga Pharrell Situations will arise In our lives But U got to be smart about it Celebrations with the guys I sacrified 'Caus...

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Without U

Love, such a lonely place Nobody wants to be alone To have the world but no one to share it with I'm so alone I can't stand this feeling of being without you Yes I'll do Whatever it takes to prove I t...

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Can U Help Me

Living on an edge, out of control And the world won't just let myself down But in my biggest picture was the photo of you & me Girl, you know I tried I work hard to provide all of the material things ...

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How Do I Say

A foreign beauty so exotic When she smiled at me She took my breath away She's reminiscent of a goddess It's a shame that we could not communicate How do I say How do I say hello? I just wanna talk to...

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Hottest Thing

I've been looking at you

Turning brothers down

Some got their song

Well its time for me to holla now

(Your body is calling, don't fight it)

Ooh I like it

You're dancing ...

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Good Ol' Ghetto

Yeah let me holla at you real quick I'mma bring y'al back to the good ol' good ol days Ya feel me? Some of that... Good ol, good ol, good old ghetto, good ol Good ol, good ol ghetto Good ol, good ol g...

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U Turn

Yeah, ay yo 2000 it's us Yo, it's time to U-Turn Ya heard me? You're either with us - or against us, yo It's been some years now Since we hit the floor to get down We always had a step to go with the ...

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U Are the One

[Robot voice] U-S-H-E-R [Usher] Oh no no no no no [Robot voice] U-S-H-E-R [Usher] Oh yeah, oh yeah Oh yeah C'mon C'mon [Robot voice] 1-2-3 Check it It was like 6 of us 3 in the Benz, 3 in the truck On...

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Craving your body all through the night Feels like I'm going through withdraws I wanna hold you I want you inside of these arms I'm dying to taste you, I can't deny Can't get out of my mind Please let...

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Come Back

Ooh, Ohh, hey... Na,Na,Na,Na,Na What Ya'll wanna do What all wanna do (tell me) (JD's RAP) See around here We're just too much We could slow it down and ya still couldn't Catch us My town Full of he...

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Don't Be Cruel

girl, the only thing that matters in my life

Is that I'm there for you and treat you right

YOu got no right to treat me cold as ice


Oh, Oh, Oh, girl

As long as I been givin' ...

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Every Little Step

im hot

yeah im hot

n your not

oh yeah

take this


i know i am

and every word

means something else more

than the word before it





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I Need Love

When I'm alone in my room

sometimes i stare at the walls

in the back of my mind

i hear my conscience call

telling me i need a girl

who is as sweet as a dove

for the first time in ...

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Just Like Me

(Lil Kim) You got it going on (what, what) you got it going on (what, what) Come on, come on Strictly fuck with those (6) digit niggas If the first one is a (9) they a buck behind I live my rhyme At...

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История в фотографиях (132)


Профессиональный боксер Майк Тайсон на прогулке со своим тигром, США, 1990-е. Писатель Сэм Лэйк, сценарист игры Max Payne, подаривший свою внешность главному герою, Финляндия, 2000 год. Лив Тайлер и П...

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Мэрлин Монро и Том Оуэлл, 1955 г. Мухаммед Али и Халк Холган, 80-ые. Фото со съёмок фильма "Титаник", 1996 год. Александр Роу и Георгий Милляр (Баба-Яга) на съёмках фильма "Морозко". СССР. 1964 г....

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Андрей Чикатило незадолго до расстрела занимается йогой в своей камере, 1993. Галина Логинова с дочерью Милой (в будущем - актриса Мила Йовович). Киев. УССР. СССР. 1976 г. Леонид Гайдай готовит Андрея...

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Мэрилин Монро встречает королеву Елизавету II, 1956 год.. Молодая Элизабет Хёрли, 1994 год. Студенты-хиппи, 1968 год. Альберту Эйнштейну 14 лет. Германия. 1893 г. "Познание атома – детская игра по сра...

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Мухаммед Али и Халк Холган, 80-ые. Киану Ривз, 1980-e. Королeва Елизавета II с сыном - принцем Чарльзом. Великобритания, 1952 год...