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Between Two Worlds

You're not the only one
Amongst the saints and sinners
There are those that we can see
And those no longer with us
To take that walk again
With someone you were close to

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I Hear Voices

I feel the pressure
Pushing down on me
Can't face the world
Can't change the things I see
I got my hands in my pockets
Staring at the walls
Can nobody help me
To escape from i...

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Perfect Little Heart

When I think about it
Does anybody win
Taking for yourself and giving nothing
Now that we're apart
I see it wasn't really love
I can ride down the road
And let my soul run ...

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Heartless Land

(4:44)(Box/P: Lanzon/M: Lanzon)
I know the world is full of light
So why can't things just work out right
Oh take me, take me
From this heartless land
It used to be so full of love
But now it'...

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Only The Young

I havent' listened to a word you've said
I've been wandering inside my head
Don't care what you think of me
You only see what you want to see
So here I am in my paradise
In my h...

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In The Moment

Here we are
Once more in a world full of fantasy
Dream again
You need to believe in a future
That's bright as the sun
Shining there for you
Shining there for me
I am the m...

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There's a lie that runs
Across the human race
There's a truth that draws
A tear upon your face
A child is crying and it echoes
All over the world

If we try to find some

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Once there was a man of power
Had no care for human life
Then one day he saw his living lie
Growing all around him
The wheel of change had taken over
Found a love he never k...

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Shelter From The Rain

When our hearts were young
We put our hands into the flames
Felt the heat from our emotions
We had fire in our veins
All those night we'd spend
Alone in your room
Though my sil...

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Everything In Life

It doesn't matter what you say
The cards are in your favour
We don't need no magic ride
To take you far away
Just give it a silent thought
And you will find ...

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Feels Like

I can feel your sadness
From what I said to you
I'm drinking my forgiveness
So restless and confused
I don't know what I see
But it looks a lot like love
Showing me somethi...

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The Golden Palace

Locked behind the door
Taken by force
But I'm not guilty of the crime
How can this be real
What is aganst the law
To say what's on your mind
Then I see your face
So warm a...

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Sweet Pretender

I didn't see you standing there
You took me by surprise
In your long silk dress
And those deep brown eyes
I was captured by your smile
But when fate put out its hand
You're wal...

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Against The Odds

In the court of kings I look around
My blood runs cold, I close my eyes
Out of my head a vision flows
I'll make the rules I need
For my survival, for my survival

I pull th...

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Sweet Sugar

I've no time for boring things
There's no religion
That can make my heart sing, no
They call me up
Say: hey come on down
We've got credit salvation
All over town

And I can s...

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Time Of Revelation

Won't you take
A chance my brother
Follow me to a time of revelation
Can't you see that
Destiny will take a turn
And show you
There's no need to fight
'Cause you know it's r...

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Mistress Of All Time

She dances on the seven seas
Dances on the ocean
Sunlight on her golden hair
Shapes of pure emotion
Her voice is heard like
Crystal words across the sky
She moves just like an an...

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Universal Wheels

All the fields are
Smoke and flame, fire in the sky
It's a state of emergency
Much more than meets the eye
Just hide away your tears
There are many more hidden fears
As the u...

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Fear Of Falling

I've been standing here
Waiting for you
But I don't quite know
What I'm gonna do
So I drag my heels and
I scratch the dust
And I rub my hands
So I can feel my blood

I see the...

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Spirit Of Freedom

I know instinctively
When something is right
With no one there to save me
You came into my life
The words you whispered
Still echo in my mind
Forget about tomorrow
Forget ab...

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История в фотографиях (389)


Кэрри Фишер на промо "Звёздные войны. Эпизод V: Империя наносит ответный удар", 1980 год. Кристина Агилера — американская певица, автор песен, танцовщица, актриса, продюсер, телезвезда, филантроп, а т...

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Жаркий поцелуй Мадонны и Бритни Спирс на MTV Video Music Awards 2003 г. В 90‑е годы Маколей Калкин был одной из самых популярных детских звезд в мире. И это неудивительно, ведь такие фильмы, ка...

История в фотографиях (387)


Эбби Ли Кершоу в журнале W, Март 2012 г. Хамфри Богарт и Лорен Бэколл, 1945-е. Часы, поднятые с Титаника. Они остановились в 2.28, через 2 минуты после крушения. США. Фото 1985 г.

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Мальчику отрезало голову на глазах у родителей. Эта трагедия произошла на водных горках в парке развлечений «Шлиттербан», Канзас-сити. Aмериканская фотомодeль и актpиса Конни Кpecки и её Шeлби 1970-го...

9 умерших актеров сериала «Морские дьяволы»


Многосерийный фильм «Морские дьяволы» выходит на экраны с 2005 года и насчитывает 9 сезонов. В 2021-м стартовал новый сезон проекта, получивший название «Дальние рубежи». Сюжет фильма рассказывает о ч...