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And just as my eyes start seeing

After all the pain

The twist in my life starts healing

Just to twist again

In stillness, in sorrow

Returns that softly sighing lament

And just as t...

142 песни

A Friend I Call Desire

You live for love, I long for it

You give for love, I take from it

This friend of mine, desire

This lovers crime, desire

Emotion driving all the time

A burning need for things not min...

142 песни

Dancing With Tears In My Eyes

Dancing with tears in my eyes

Weeping for the memory of a life gone by

Dancing with tears in my eyes

Living out a memory of a love that died

It's five and I'm driving home again

It's ...

142 песни

Heart of the Country

I was young and not deceived then

I believed in the heart of the country

How the words sound, how the truth lies

I was moved by the heart of the country

Oh, oh, then I saw through


142 песни

Man of Two Worlds

Taking shelter by the standing stones

Miles from all that moves

Breathing solitude, seeking confidence

A gift to me

Feeling spirits never far removed

Passing over me and I greet them ...

142 песни

One Small Day

If the stack is high against you

And the hammer's coming down

And the time that's yours lies heavy in your hands

Oh my sentimental friend

The fast much reach an end

Lying face down on...

142 песни

When the Time Comes

So you think it's over

So you think that down's

The only way out

A sad excuse for lovers

With your head held high

And your heart still full of doubt

It's just like you to scorn


142 песни

White China

When pale turns to pink

With a soft unnerving ease

And all you've built around

May just tumble to the ground

We stand or fall

With your future in another's hands

We stand or fall


142 песни

Artificial Life

All the boys are wearing their utility drag

The girls slip identikits from their utility bags

Some refugees from suburbia are laughing

Examining each other's gags

Vibrate on sulphate whe...

142 песни

Distant Smile

Sometimes I find I drift away

Behind a distant smile

Light years ago I think someone spoke

Quizzical glances behind cigarette smoke

She drew the curtains at the end of the day

And the...

142 песни

Fear in the Western World

Your picture of yourself is a media myth

Underneath this floor we're on the edge of a cliff

Someone told me Jesus was the Devil's lover

While we masturbated on a magazine cover


142 песни

Hiroshima Mon Amour

Somehow we drifted off too far

Communicate like distant stars

Splintered voices down the 'phone

The sunlit dust, the smell of roses drifts, oh no

Someone waits behind the door


142 песни






Blast off, the walls are down

Cast off, the wolves are out

Come on, there's no time, I can't wait

Rip off my clothes, I'm stripping y...

142 песни

The Frozen Ones

Marching across our own screens

Our faces form all our needs

The future's not returning

All bridges built for burning

How can there be anything wrong?

Aren't we the frozen ones?


142 песни

The Man Who Dies Every Day

Someone stood beside me for a moment in the rain

A silhouette, a cigarette, and a gesture of disdain

I felt a dark door open, saw a sudden ghost come through

A spark leapt from my fingertip...

142 песни

While I'm Still Alive

Playing the game

With the chips on my shoulder

Checking in the mirror

As my coffee cup gets colder

Stagger and swagger

Combing my hair

If tomorrow's not there

Then at least toda...

142 песни

Love's Great Adventure

Standing on my own

It didn't mean that much to me

I thought I had it all

I didn't see the mystery

I stood the test of time

I took the step to find

Love's great adventure

I spoke...

142 песни

Passing Strangers

We were so young, we were too vain

Dance in the dark, sing in the rain

Time on our hands, hope in our hearts

We were talking, passing strangers

Moments caught across an empty room


142 песни

We Came to Dance

Move on as we step in time

Strange words from the other line

Edging forward, feeling strong

Syncopate with the marching song

Thoughts and dreams flick across your mind

Fade away as yo...

142 песни

All Stood Still

The lights went out (The last fuse blew).

The clocks all stopped (It can't be true).

The program's wrong (What can we do?).

The printout's blocked (It relied on you).

The turbine cracked...

142 песни

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История в фотографиях (547)


Анна Николь Смит - американская модель и актриса, 1990-е. Сэр Эдмунд Хиллари и шерп Норгей Тенцинг на вершине Эвереста. Гималаи. Непал. 1953 год. Первые покорителя Эвереста. Эро фотосессия Светланы Ло...

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Брижит Бардо, 1958 год. Джанин Гиддингс для Vogue, 1993 год. Броня для лошади и всадника, Милан, Италия, середина XVI века....

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Александр Лукашенко в юности. Ксения Собчак на страницах глянца. Майкл Джексон и Бенни Хилл, 1988 год. Сильвестр Сталлоне и Дэвид Моррелл на съёмках "Рэмбо III", 1987 год....

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Трансформация Анны Семенович с 90х. Мел Бланк «Человек с 1000 голосами», 1978 год.
Донателла Версаче и Дженнифер Лопес в 1995 году. ...

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Синди Кроуфорд, 90-е. Актер-лилипут Мичу Мезарес, исполнявший роль Альфа. Флaкон фpaнцузских дуxoв L'Orange Variee, 1925 год...

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Базилика для крещения в Тунисе. Ее сооружение датируется примерно 6 веком нашей эры. Мэрилин Монро, 1953 год. Путин в Чечне - 1999 год. Вулкан в Западном Камокуна, Гавайи, 1996 год....