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All of this pussy the Devil
All of this cash is the Devil
All of this ash is the Devil
All of these pills is the Devil
All of this lean is the Devil
I won’t go to Heaven nah
I won’t go to Heaven...

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Gold ('99-2000)

Cruising with my click
Indo in my back seat
Cursing out this bitch
She says I’m all about me Bitch, you must be joking
Go ahead with them emotions
I’m sipping barre and swanging always on that pu...

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Friday the 13th

Bust a mother fucker’s head open with a lead pipe
Rob a mother fucker at a red light
Bitch, if you dead wrong then that means I’m dead, right?
Shining like a light in the night full of fright

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What I hate most in this life is a long night
4 walls and no calls and no lights but the moon light
Creeping through the blinds
Ceiling fan on high spinning
I’m beginning to believe that tonight i...

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Iced out, lights out
Bitch, I be that frozen shogun
Chosen cause I overthrow 'em
Told 'em that I’m ocean flowing
Sliced up night scout
Coming to bring up that Christ doubt
Fuck a slogan
Bitch, ...

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A Death in the Ocean Would Be Beautiful

Percocets and the codeine
Got me floating
Opiates I’m a junkie
Fuck the money
Third ward in the dope house
Keep a closed mouth
In the ghetto bitch I got clout
Never seen droughts
Hit the route...

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Am / Pm

Windows down with a frown
Ash on my jeans
Been up eating beans
These scenes keep on flashin' inside of my head
But I’d rather be dead
Got no bread
Out of meds
I can’t find no tranquility
Put m...

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Champion of Death

Chump change boy, now you gotta hate boy
Pull up the with the motherfucking AK boy
Pull up like it’s motherfucking game day boy
Shoot 'em with the pistol shoot 'em point blank boy
Chump change boy...

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Do You Believe in God?

Pulling up with the pump
Slugs that will make you slumped
Drugs always keep me numb
Wake up in the morning just to pop some
Bodies in my basement
Lord of the forsake...

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Kill Yourself (Part II)

They figured me a dead motherfucker
Calling me James Spleen
Without a cause of death I be the reaper with the black hood on his head
Yung Snow with the blood red sled
Puppet master
Bodies hanging...

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The Devil in me got an easy job
Demons in my head I must confess they speak in tongues
Speaking of my lungs they seeping blood from chiefing blunts
7th ward hot boy choppa drums
Dragging pussy in ...

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I be that skinny fiend sippin lean
Caffeine with codeine
I’m smoking nicotine, PCP
Pills in my cuisine
I’m fucking draped in suede
Wrist dismayed
$uicide renegade
Pop a couple waves up in my gr...

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Mount Sinai

Joe smoking motherfucker
Don’t come around me with no vape
Got your bitch under the covers sucking on me like a pipe
It’s the hero of the dark but I don’t ever wear a cape
Take a bic and then I sp...

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Tell me what you know
'Bout a motherfucker at the bottom
With a gold grill gleaming, make all these hoes problems
Stalker, creepin', out the fuckin' dungeon
Switchblade on 'em hit the guts like a ...

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Shattered Amethyst

Fuck you, bitch
I’m here all by myself
I tried the belt but couldn’t get it tight enough, so I smoke the blunt
My lungs are rust
My brain is dust from all of these drugs
I can’t think straight

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That's Very Minimalist of You

Ruby casting shadows
Looting fucking castles
Ruby got the bad hoes shaking like a graduating tassel
Uzi make it rattle
Gucci print I fucking dabble
All these bitches fucking battle
Bitch I’m fuc...

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Living my life like I die every night
Born in the dark so don’t turn on the lights
I know that you waiting for me to wake up But you wasting your time because I don’t give a fuck
Drugs in my vein, ...

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Sleep Walk

I be at the bottom of the ocean on the floor
I don’t float because I’m wearing too much gold around my throat
Look at me glow
Can’t even see out my eyes anymore
Hood up and I’m ready to go Slicing...

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Manifesto of depression
Stocking up my weapons
Natural Born Killers, get relief from my aggression
Symbol of oppression
Triple six flexing
Fuck boys love my seconds
Smoking dope while I’m textin...

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Crucify Me Wearing Tommy

This that lo-fi, $uicide
Dreams of when I die
Blood red tears when I cry
Manic depression in my eyes
Player from the 80's
Crack cocaine done raised
Lucifer done saved me Satan’s son in a Mercede...

34 песни

Легкоатлетка Гунхильд Ларкинг на летних Олимпийских играх 1956 года в Мельбурне и Kейт Моcc, 1992 гoд


Легкоатлетка Гунхильд Ларкинг на летних Олимпийских играх 1956 года в Мельбурне. Часть рухнувшего скоростного шоссе Хансин после Великого хансинского землетрясения (или Землетрясение в Кобе). Moника ...

Аня Букштейн — израильская актриса, певица и модель и Вика Одинцова, 2010-ые


Эбби Кобб — американская актриса, получившая известность благодаря роли Эмили Бредфорд в сериале « Новое поколение». Аня Букштейн — израильская актриса, певица и модель. Наиболее известна исполнением ...

Кайли Миноуг, 1989 год и Принцесса Диана в день своей свадьбы с принцем Чарльзом, 29 июля 1981 года.


1947. США. Американская актриса Анджела Лэнсбери в молодости. Кайли Миноуг, 1989 год. Джейн Фонда и Ален Делон во время съемок фильма «Хищники» на Французской Ривьере, 1963 год. Катастрофа дирижабля «...

Джиллиан Андерсон для журнала Interview Magazine, 2020 год и Курт Кобейн протестует против дискриминации женских музыкальных коллективов


Джиллиан Андерсон для журнала Interview Magazine, 2020 год. Хеди Скотт - бельгийско-американская модель и актриса. Playboy Playmate июня 1965 г. Курт Кобейн протестует против дискриминации женских муз...