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You can hate me for
All the things I do
You should let my heart go
Whatever you decide to do
You can make me bleed
You can make me cry
You can make me fall
You can make me live or die
And I ...

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Sanguine Sky

My blood is tainted; azure blue
A setting sun bleeding
Into an ocean of tears, for you

It’s an exodus from the dark
The night is breathing; the night is exhaling
Falling, falling –...

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Open Ground

Digging in the ground
Digging in the mud
Sweat streams down my face
My spit tastes like blood

Hide me with locks from your hair
I cannot breathe

Bleeding …
Dying …
Digging ...

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The Ravens

Only ashes and bones remain
My hair is wet, my eyes are sore
The past has been fed to the flames
I cannot breathe anymore

I try to stand on my feet, but I fall
I try to walk, but I crawl

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Destination Departure

Caressing the anger
Nothing will ever be the same again
At your most beautiful

This is my destination
Left behind in desolation
At your most beautiful

Leave me
You talk like you know

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My violent mood swings peak
And my hands are as heavy as rocks
I have no time and no space
I am falling behind
Just take me home

My patience has all run out
And I feel like yelling; - it i...

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I've been trying to participate
in masquerades
The throne's been empty for too long
Paradise for those who play along
and the fortunate ones

I've been listening to the voice
at night
And he...

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When the morning weeps
Endless sky is near
And the road you choose
By my hand is lead

In the morning light
All is clean and young
And the spider webs
Shine like silver threads

But you ...

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There'll be no-one left in doubt
When your soul be cast aground
And Jesus will heal our sins
And Jesus will let us in

Stay down on your knees
Stay down on your knees

Millions crusading a...

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In The Wake (Bonus track)

Never knew quite when it stopped
Nor when it began
Just a chain of happenings
Years floating
Days passing by

Falling in and out of madness
Walking on the edge
Faking strength

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I failed to impress you, and you
Feel free to abuse me
All has been in vain
We're through
So please stop pretending
Years I spent were wasted on you

Words have been spoken
My chains have ...

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Encapsulate the night!
wrap up the truth in candy-striped paper
and throw us a blood-sodden
torn and holey
rotten through the core

I stand with you now, my friend
My razor tongue is l...

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This is the slowest dance
The dance of a thousand years
The dance of the frozen statues
Clinging together in tears

This is the darkest fight
The fight of a thousand years
The pounding of b...

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The Wretched

Welcome, my friend
(Now) It's you and I
Do you sense the eye that watches you?
Can you feel her muted scream?
This is our very own horrid dream

Can you hear her hollow cry?
From the other ...

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In your web
The threads entangle
Your prey is dead -
Dyed in silence

I'll forever stay with you
At your feet I will kneel
At your will
Dead silent

When I move - I am moved by you

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Tied up and gagged
Hooded and tagged
They're all yours to command

I am corpse, I am carrion prey
I have a crow at each brow
plucking eyes in my mask of death
The darkness is complete


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At night - asleep
Nightmares - not dreams
Drag me through the dirt
There is no place to run - nor hide

He's in my blood
I try to keep him out
He rules the pain
He makes up the ugly though...

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There is only one way out
One word left to shout
The last little slope to climb
Then my feet slip again
Your threatening voice
Gets me back up on my feet again

I will find the truth within y...

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A friendly push
Off the cliff - is all I need
A sudden change
Or a smile
Could make me feel alive,
Anything to take the ignorance away

There is a hole in my chest
where my heart used to b...

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The Shining Path

Don't care if I choke....
Sacrifice me for my sins
For my beliefs
Spit at me
Die...with me
When I'm gone
Death will come to you
Death will come...
Sacrifice me for my sins... (2x)

The flam...

80 песни

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