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Dick's Slow Song

Don't bring that stuff to bed
I've gotta fall with a clear head
Don't tell me of those mirrors
I'll show you what you want to see
Pay no mind to those voices
I'll show you what you want to hear

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Don't Look Down

See her there
She hangs from me
See her face
She can't let go
I can't look in here eyes
She's holding on
She needed this to hurt me so
So it shot out of me
As if all of the love just got rippe...

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Fast One

Some kind of ? ? ? ? ? has been hollowed out inside me

Don't know what I became

Or what I've left behind
See I don't remember when
Something plain ? ? ? ? ? girl brought me back here again


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Another Night In

Greed's all gone now, there's no question
And I can see you push your hair behind your ears
Regain your balance
Doesn't matter where she is tonight
Or with whoever she spends her time
If these ar...

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Are You Trying to Fall in Love Again

My my, it doesn't matter what you say

From the start, I hang off every word you say
Oh, tonight, are you trying to fall in love again?
Does it make it all right?
Are you trying to fall in love a...

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Ballad of Tindersticks

The first time we flew it
It was ? ? ? ? ? ? and cramped

The vodka running out half-way across the atlantic
Even the steward screamed and joined in it

We didn't think we were going to make it

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There's a city filth that lingers

All over my naked hands
Deep into the weave of the clothes I wear

And every step brings another

Every hour adds some more
Till I'm on the other side leanin...

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I Was Your Man

So, you wish I was your man, and I'd understand
So, you wish I was your man, and I'd understand
Not a surface thing, we could meet down inside
Not a surface thing, we could meet way down inside


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I'm laying on my back
She climbs over me
Pricks out her nails
Runs them over my proud belly
I'm a tired, hungry bear
Spoiled and sleepy
Her finger's on my zipper
She pulls it down slowly
I'm n...

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Buried Bones

I could take all the crazy out of you
That's what I loved you for
I could take away all the orange, greens and blues out of you
That's what I loved you for
Take a look at me
You think it really c...

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Let's Pretend

Let's not make it into a big thing
Let's not get lost in this
I know it is, I know we could
I guess we surely would
Let's pretend it's not
It doesn't mean a thing
Let's not blow it out of all se...

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I understand everything
I understand everything

Take me in your arms
You knew how I feel
Before I knew, I was up to my neck
First time we danced
So I'll tell you what brought you home tonight

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Rented Rooms

There's the same hotel, and we can go there now

We can go there now if you want to
Through the doors of that rented room
Yeah, we stumbled through
It was only hours
It seemd such a short while

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Desperate Man

She knows what happens when I'm without her
How this ring itches on my finger
Does she let me go to help me remember?
Remember how I came in
I was desperate then
Remember what I am without her

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Wake up, it's all right
You don't have the words, it's okay
I make it worse, if I make it better
I can chase it away
And the emotion running and flapping
Faster and faster, breathing hard
Just f...

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Travelling Light

(stuart; carla; both)
There are places I don't remember
There are times and days, they mean nothing to me
I've been looking through some of them old pictures
They don't serve to jog my memory


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No More Affairs

There's no more affairs
No more fooling around
There's no more affairs
Are you going to find out?
If I tremble in your arms
If I sigh through your hair
This last affair
There's no more fooling ...

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Je sais que je les porterai toute ma vie
Mes erreurs
Comme de celle
Tu sais laquelle
Quand on a coup� mes cordes
Je me suis envol�e ailleurs
On a coup� mes cordes

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A Night In

I had shoes full of holes
When you first took me in
The path that you led
Was straight to your bed
There's no cots to sleep in
And you showed me
Who I was running from
As if I had not known all...

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El Diablo En El Ojo

I wouldn't shut your eyes just yet
I wouldn't turn the lights down yet
`cos there's things you've gotta see here
There's things you've gotta believe of me

I wouldn't turn the sound down yet

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