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I'm looking to you I hope more

And junk in my heart will be

I wanna stretch my skin around you

Let you stretch yourself

But I stop your hands each time

I stop your...

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One, two, three, four

How many, many people outside your door?

Two, three, four, five

How many, many people outside?

Four, three, two, one

I don't think you ...

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Banging in fevered ports

Banging in the night

Ankle deep in mud

I can sleep in mud

I was a kind of hooker

My lover was free

I don't speak I ramble he...

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Bright Yellow Gun

With your bright yellow gun

You own the sun

And I think I need a little poison

To keep me tame

Keep me awake

I have nothing to offer but confusion

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Calm Down Come Down

I think you know the whole thing's a damn shame

I don't wanna calm down

I don't wanna come down...

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Carnival Wig

I keep meeting you and meeting

I have promises to keep

I keep making them and leaving

That looks like a carnival wig

And two shiners

Let's just say i...

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They took a picture

And from this cold lightning living me through

So I feel like an alarm clock

Fire came from my mouth Is pushing me around

And I'm not loving and I'm no...

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Counting Backwards

Counting backwards I count you in

I don't remember him

I don't remember

In time I rope you in again

I try and turn you back through him

I built a tower in my...

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Crabtown, baby brown

It's not work at all

It just slips around your finger

It just sits around

Lingers like a spell

Oh, we can't hardly stand

Oh, we c...

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Don't look back and

He's your soldier

That sheet metal sound next door

Is keeping me awake

Janie's eyes are open

And my feet are killing me

If this isn't the ...

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Dirty Water

I'm the lady who locks the door

I'm the lady who turns out the light

Hey, you

Look at the dirty water

Look at him

Look at the dirty water

And swim

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Along the Palo Duro canyon

Red River shows so may eyes

One eye squinting, shaded from the sun, shoot me

Black a oil, his hair shone

Lily white, his skin glistened


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Dovey, I'll take you down

Remember I see behind me...

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She's downtown Lies in the street

Been lying in the sheets

She's gone home Lies in the streets

Been lying in the bed Through her teeth

Stares at his sky Going b...

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He lies he lies he lies he lies he lies

He lies he lies he lies he lies he lies

In your big red dragonhead

In your big red dragonhead

Don't go back to sleep...

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Drive your car

Through the kitchen cupboard door

Through the winter Down to the floor

Drive your head

To the bathroom tile

Smile 'round the corner and your...

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Ellen West

That last one messed me up

Things look bad

Things look tragic

I keep looking in the mirror

Afraid that I won't be there

Courting Ellen West, dancing ...

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Fall Down

I picked up this lady in a store, she dropped her stuff

And tripped on it, so I picked her up

I said, everybody falls down

Once you meet the man you want

You'll kno...

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Fever Few

I break the ice

I melt the snow

I knew you twice

Once long ago

Maybe it's the fever

Or the radio

I hear someone singing

Way down low

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This is him, when I begin

Call him tied, call him taken

Call him anything but shaken

Call him wasted, call him shaved

Call him anything by made

Call that firepile a ...

131 песни

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