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Doomsday Clock

Is everyone afraid?
Is everyone ashamed?
They're running towards their holes to find out
Apocalyptic means are lose among our dead
A message to our friends to get out
There's wages on this...

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7 Shades Of Black

I'm on the street yeah
I want you
I'm looking for myself
I'm gonna make it
I'll take it
Like everybody else
Belle of the fawning
I'm yawning
Sister can't you spell
Above suspicion ...

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Bleeding The Orchid

If life is my witness
Love is my song
If nothing means no one
Then blank, I belong
If fear conquers easy
I can lead on
Milk from the flower
Blood from the dawn

So here we are

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That's The Way (My Love Is)

They say that life ain't easy
They'll say your life's a crime
Destroy up all good reason
How I'm alive

They'll say that nothing matters
Not even your will to survive
Of course I love y...

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I don't want to fight
Every single night
Everything I want is in your eyes
You and me go back
To places I don't know to care
The spoils of all I got were left for scraps

Don't let me s...

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Born of love and cast in light
Don't you know we cannot die

We are stars
We are
We are stars
We are
We are stars
We are

The stars above, stars of grace
Shining down what's left...

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United States

Tired eyes
Closed for days
There's no regret
'Cause there's no place
I don't know
What I believe
But if I feel safe
What do I need

A home
A home
A home


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All hands on deck
Setting sail to get wrecked off course
You make what you want of me
I will keep you anyway

Let's fill these hours and kill desire
Let's fill these hours and kill desire...

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Bring The Light

Shot down I stood
Withstood my neighborhood
I got it wrong
But I could
Follow love lest I learn

It's light
To bring the light
I fought with all my might
With light
Oh bring the l...

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(Come On) Let's Go!

C'mon let's go
I'll find you waiting there
Beyond their violence dared
A light around your soul

You could be my friend
Lovely and different
Crushing up the stars above us
A guarantee...

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For God And Country

I want to live for God and country
I want to give for God and country

It's too late for some
It's too late for what you've done
I can't help what I divide in you

For God and country I'...

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Pomp And Circumstances

When I was born I lost
When I was freed I fought
Now that I'm loved I'm caught
Between the rest and this tragic mess
An invited guest

Torn, broken and frayed
Oh don't we face
War, su...

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The Everlasting Gaze

You know I'm not dead
Now you know where I've been
As you sleep
Torn I am
Weighted down
Born of love
You know I'm not dead
I'm just living in my head
Forever waiting
On the ways ...

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Glass & The Ghost Children

To the center of the earth
Or anywhere God decides
Full of fever pulling forth
We hear our call as all
To the center of the earth
As if written in
Dna is reaching out
To your frequency
I wan...

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Blue Skies Bring Tears

Unleash the armageddon
So all the children go to heaven
I sit by quiet still with their pictures on my eyes
You'll draw the guns you're given
Write down the words as written
And never disturb t...

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Heavy Metal Machine

If I were alive
If I were real
Would you survive
What would you feel
Heavy metal
Heavy metal machine
Heavy metal
Heavy metal machine
As sentimental
As our broken dreams
Let me die
For roc...

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I of The Mourning

Play my favourite song
I'm alone
Please don't go
I peer thru curtains on empty streets
Behind a wall of caller i.d.
No one's out there
To hear ...

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The Crying Tree of Mercury

This is the song I've been singing my whole life
I've been waiting like a knife
To cut open your heart
And bleed my soul to you
I did it all for you
You and you and you and you
This is the sou...

637 песни

The Imploding Voice

Everywhere you are
Is everywhere you've been
Just lost to the beat
Punching thru your skin
You don't know what to do
But still you wanna crawl
All thru the broken glass
That's eveywhere you a...

637 песни

The Sacred & Profane

Give me tears
Give me love
Let me rest
Lord above
Send the bored
Your restless
The feedback scarred
You're all a part of me now
And if I fall
You're all a part of me now
In t...

637 песни

История в фотографиях (350)


Американская актриса Пегги Дау, конец 40-х - начало 50-х годов. Дуб в Луизиане, 1930 г.
Автомобиль Roach Coach, дизайнер Ed 'Newt' Newton, 1978 год....

История в фотографиях (349)


Мишель Уильямс в роли Мэрилин Монро в фильме ''7 дней и ночей с Мэрилин'', 2011 год. Rolling Stones в Лондоне, 1967 год. Лондон после бомбардировок. Вторая мировая война, 1940 год. Смотритель зоопарка...

История в фотографиях (348)


Дэвид Духовны и божественная Джиллиан Андерсон, 1990-е. Актриса театра и кино Элина Быстрицкая что-то учится готовить по кулинарной книге. На кухне небольшой холодильник, фаянсовая раковина, и главное...

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Скарлетт Йоханссон —самая высокооплачиваемая актриса в 2018 и 2019 годах, и много раз вошла в список «Forbes Celebrity 100». Пеле и Лев Яшин, 1965 год. Зрители с биноклями на концерте Элвиса Пресли, О...

История в фотографиях (346)


Милла Йовович в объективе Криса Флойда, 1994 год. Изумрудная чаша для вина на золотой ножке, Индия, XVIII век. Depeche Mode, 1981 год....

История в фотографиях (345)


Улыбка Мэрилин Монро. 1962 г. Нюрнберг в руинах. Июнь 1945 год. Цирковое представление. Гонки в «Куполе Смерти» с участием... льва. Ревир Бич. США. 1929 г. Наоми Кэмпбелл и Синди Кроуфорд, 1990 год...