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I Love Playing With Fire

(Joan Jett)

My one and only shining star said

Stick with me and I'll take you far

Your eyes are sparkling with teenage fire

I'll satisfy your mad desires cause

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Gotta Get Out Tonight

(Joan Jett)

In the dead of the night I slip away

Lookin' for some heavy action

No matter what it is, I get that little itch

My body needs satisfaction


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Is It Day Or Night

(Kim Fowley)

I don't like to live alone

Out on the avenue

I can't go back to being straight

I've seen the gutter view

Is it day or night?

Porcupine ki...

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(C. CurrieL. FordK. FowleyJ. FoxE. Mankey)

Thousands cheered as you appeared

The band was playing

We drove away that Saturday

I wanted you knew where you were staying

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(K. FowleyJ. FoxJ. Jett)

Each night alone I dream

That I'm a rebel roller queen

I'll be a star that shines

I can make the whole world mine

Hollywood it feel...

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Johnny Guitar

(Kim FowleyLita Ford)

I got myself a bad lover

His name is Johnny Guitar lookout

Go for it Johnny

All night long

Go for it Johnny

That's where I'm com...

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Midnight Music

(C. CurrieK. FowleySteven T.)

Out here in the smokey places

Looking into those empty faces

Short wave says we made the dial

I'm wired for ten million miles


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Neon Angels On The Road To Ruin

(Lita FordKim FowleyJackie Fox)

No one here gets out alive

Pushing power in overdrive

Cobra kings wet and wild

Love the devil thats in your smile

Let me tel...

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Queens Of Noise

(B. Bizeau)

With a pinch of rock and a dose of roll

I can warm you up if you get too cold

I can bring you up when you're going down

I can smash your head all over this t...

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Take It Or Leave It

(Joan Jett)

You know that I'm not an angel

I told you when you walked in the door

You know that you make me happy

Better than the time before

Take it or lea...

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Born To Be Bad

(K. FowleyS. WestM. Steele)

Bodies without minds

I hear you're the one with the bleeding heart

Blue and bittersweet

You tear my dreams apart

Cause I was bor...

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(Lita Ford)

Night visions of fantasies

Are laying in bed with me

In the dark I can see you smiling

You touch my body and set my soul on fire

Oh yeh

I ...

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You Drive Me Wild

(Joan Jett)

You know when you're close you really turn me on

Thats why I want you so bad when your gone, yeah

Come on, come on and take me home

Please stay with me and d...

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Little Sister

(Joan JettInger Asten)

Little Sister on your rollerskates

It's Friday nite an' you got a date

Right in front of the Watergate.

But now he's gone 'cause you're too late<...

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School Days

(Kim FowleyJoan Jett)

Used to be the trouble maker

Hated homework, was a sweet heartbreaker

But now I have my dream

I'm so rowdy for eighteen

Never read a singl...

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Trash Can Murders

(Lita Ford)

You've got me runnin' round in circles

Tied my little brothers to a railroad track

In the black of the night you sit and pant

Crammed them all together in a ...

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Wait For Me

(Joan Jett)

Don't wanna leave you again baby

But ya know I have to someday

Don't wanna be alone again baby

But I know we found our own way

We hold ourselves togeth...

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(Joan JettKim Fowley)

Blue skinned sleeping boys

Man you're lookin' wasted

Greasy wheels, streets of steel

No tellin' what ya tasted

Good guys bad guys


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Black Leather

(Steve Jones)


Well, he's all geared up, walkin' down the street

I can see the slime, drippin' down his sleeve

Well, you can't refuse and you just can't choose wh...

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Eight Days A Week

(John LennonPaul McCartney)

Ooh I need your love babe

I guess you know it's true

Hope you need my love babe

Just like I need you

Hold me, love me, hold...

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