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A Downside To The Upstairs

It was a fine idea in autumn
On the palest afternoons
Parallelograms of sunshine fell across the room

I woke up and it was winter
With the rain across the roofs
And the weather turned me i...

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A Hiccup In Your Happiness

The start is the hardest part
To step inside and announce a newly broken heart
And Louise, you’re ill at ease
You bite your thumb and tug your skirt below your knees
And it hurts even more tha...

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A Little Distraction

It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night
It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night
I need a little distraction to come along
A little distraction, and you're the one
It's a lonely, lonely, lonely night

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It's only too clear
And I know you hate to state the obvious
But the houses round here
Hold jumble sales and joblessness

I always thought autumn was my favourite time of the year
But I gue...

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Adolescent Song Of Mindless Devotion

I love you from the heart of my bottom
I love you from the bottom of my soul
I love the soles on your feet
I love you from the foot of the hill
(I promise I will)

I'd sail the driest deser...

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After The After Party

After The After Party
Even the most familiar face
Can disappear without a trace
Amidst a crowd of theatregoers
I had been waiting for a while
My stare mistaken for a smile
Till I found the...

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All The Recipes I've Ever Ruined

This apartment is falling apart
And I can't figure out where to start setting things right
It's been the worst part of a year
Since you turned a cartwheel in here
And said your goodbyes

I ...

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Andrew's Pleasure

Andrew's pleasure is a beautiful girlfriend
They both wear sunglasses and hide their faces
Andrew's pleasure is a beautiful girlfriend
Who isn't scared to kiss him in public places
Others say ...

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Beach Boys Medley

For five months he was dry
Feb til July
But he found a little song
Wrapped up in a dream
Gave some thought to the rhymes
Put a little work into the chorus line
But it was really just a dre...

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Before The Sun Came Up

I'll never forget the morning we went running around
Before the sun came up
So new to this town
Under the weary light we took a ferry ride
And went over to the island
Stood there silently on...

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Birthday Present For Katrina

Happy birthday dear Katrina
We hope you have a lovely day
Your father and I are oh so proud
In fact there's something he'd like to say
We've watched you grow from a beautiful baby into a beaut...

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Broken Bones

So much for unexpected weather
It's been overcast forever
Since I fell from my sweetheart's clutches
To a springtime spent on crutches

Coffee cups, promises, sure
But I've never broken bon...

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Here's me in 1981
Squinting into a sinking sun
Ankle-deep in the Pacific
In the foreground are my friends
Grinning madly at the lens
They look heliolithic

Again in 1993
A Polaroid you ...

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Here are we, with a view of mountains
Staring at the floor for hours on end
There's a world outside that window
And we're looking at linoleum instead

Another sunset passes us by
We used to...

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Cat In Sunshine

You tell me you don't like the way I comb my hair
But there are two of us at this table
Only one of us doesn't care
You're so engrossed in what you read
And you're not really there
Can tell ...

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Columns O' Steam

Your dad's proud face is glowing
He recommends we buy goggles and flags
All aboard and don't forget your bags
Let's leave this place behind
And I didn't get you a present
But you don't seem ...

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Detective Agency

I was supposed to wait for you
But we'll have to wait and see
Have I been stood up?
Standing for an hour or two
By the detective agency
I wish the walls weren't powder blue
And I bet you'r...

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Don't Come With Me

I'll make you wait around
For all these things to be sent off
If you're with me
I'll traipse you round this town
I've got so many things to take care of

Time goes slow
So slow, so slow

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Edward, Sandwich Hand

God he hates the early mornings
And the Monday afternoons
He's already looking bored
He's already looking forward
To Friday evening with his friends
It couldn't come too soon
What a terrib...

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English Murder Mystery

I love her but she loves Agatha Christie
And she's so wrapped up in the English Murder Mystery
I was nowhere near the scene of the crime
I was nowhere around at the time
Someone dropped arseni...

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Самые сексуальные актрисы


Как бы ни была важна работа съёмочной группы и качество актёрской игры, есть то, что порой привлекает зрителей гораздо сильнее. И это, безусловно, самые сексуальные актрисы, за которых режиссёры готов...

"Девушки года" журнала Playboy. Далекие 1960-е


Как известно, знаменитый американский журнал Playboy выходит с 1953 года, но рубрика «Девушка месяца» появилась в нем не сразу. Примечательно, что выбранная персона появляется на развороте в стиле ню,...

Советские актрисы тогда и сейчас


Всё что от нас останется на этой Земле - это память о нас. Зачем люди идут играть в кино? 90% для того чтобы остаться в памяти людей молодыми. И так было до не давнего времени, но сейчас, с развитием ...

7 звезд, которые резко помолодели


Возраст не щадит никого, в том числе и знаменитостей кино и шоу-бизнеса. Но бьюти-индустрия поражает воображение возможностями и не стоит на месте. В 2020 году выглядеть на 35 в 60 или 70 лет — не про...

7 звезд, которые боятся всего паранормального


Знаменитости – народ суеверный. Там, где не срабатывает логика, подключается мистика, которая объясняет плохое самочувствие, неудачи в карьере или просто добавляет интригу в образ медийной персоны. ...