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Theres a dog at the door,
looking for a hole,
he needs a brand new wife,
he needs a bone,

say you wanted to dance,
but you couldn't get out of bed,
with all of those angry thoughts,

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Pull The Lever

Trip, slip, falling flat on my front
Skins on the floor put me up for a month
Is he here we need to pick up our pieces?
The fridge door's open so everything freezes
It's far too late

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Party On Dudes (Get Hype)

I can feel it when I'm walking down the street
the kids are crazy but they know where to be
Well I forgot that you just gotta (catch it)
when we break it down its just like magic

get ready f...

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Dancing On Pegs

I keep on knocking, hands all bloody and raw
the captain approaches quickly
answers the door

he comes with his army of blathering fools
blood red eyes and loaded with tools

you're asleep...

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Maintain The Focus

I can taste it now
Sweet blood and she's under the gun
I kiss this sacred ground
Kill them all if you look around

There's another one
On the screen
There's another one
In my house

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Circle Square Triangle

As these days pass
Breathe the air
Before you drown

One more time...
Another line
Slowly divides...
Before the night is over

We could do with some more noises (x 4)


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Boa Vs Python

Open my eyes as the colours fade away
It's good to see you, good to see you
The smoke clears and the fire always stays
Its gonna burn you, its gonna burn you
Streets filled with smaller minds,...

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21 Days

my mind wonders as i'm trying not to fall in love with you 'cause everytime i

Awake i ponder on my mistakes of what i said, it is always my esteen that i

Sure lose playing those stupid g...

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A New Hope

I've got her in my head

At night when i go to bed

And i know it sounds lame, but

She's the girl of my dreams

And of course i'd do anything for her

I'd search...

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Aliens Exist

Hey mom, there's something in the backroom

I hope it's not the creatures from above

You used to read me stories

As if my dreams were boring

We all know conspiracies are dum...

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All The Small Thing

All the small things

True care, truth brings

I'll take one lift

Your ride, best trip

Always, i know

You'll be at my show

Watching, waiting


169 песни

All The Small Things

All the, small things

True care, truth brings

I'll take, one lift

Your ride, best trip

Always, i know

You'll be at my show

Watching, waiting, commiser...

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Home show, mom won't know

Run out the back door

He's passed out on the floor

Third time, been caught twice

Forgive our neighbor bob

I think he humped the dog...

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Anthem Part 2

anthem part two

Everything has fallen to pieces,

Earth is dying help me jesus

We need guidance, we've been misled,

Young and hostile, but not stupid.


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Apple Shampoo

She didn't mean to deceive you, believe me

But sometimes the hardest part is conceiving

The good intentions that you had

Now only came to this

And although she saw ...

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Ben Wah Balls

(no we ain't gonna take it unless it's from a doverman pincher

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, blink)

Passively one day as the sun rose out of it's house

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Blow Job

It'd be nice

To have a blowjob

It would be nice

To have a blow job

It would be nice

To have a blow job

It would be nice

To have a blow job

It wo...

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You don't need nothin'

And i know that you won't even try

Don't wait for me to help you

Too late for any of my advice

No trust

All i got is lies


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When you talk about tomorrow

I'm not sure about today

When you tell me that you love me

What am i supposed to say?

Sometimes i don't feel

The same way as you...

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I talk to you every now and then

I never felt so alone again

I stop to think at a wishing well

My thoughts send me on a carousel

Here i am standing on my own


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