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A Million Love Songs

Put your head against my life

What do you hear

A million words just trying to make

The love song of the year

Close your eyes but don't forget

What you have heard

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A Million Lovesongs

But your head against my life

What do you hear

A million words just trying to make

The lovesong of teh year

Close your eyes, but dont forget

what you have he...

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All I Want Is You

If you believe that you really need someone

That always will be true

So what's the problem of finding this someone

I need somebody too

I need a chance to prove to you

99 песни

Another Crack In My Heart

I am just one man

With just one pair of eyes

I dress in normal clothes

And I don't try to disguise

I'm looking out for love

However it may seem

I never do ret...

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I come to your door to see you again,

But where you once stood was an old man instead

I asked where you'd be, he said "she's moved, on you see

All I have is a number you'd better ...

99 песни

Back For Good

I guess now it's time for me to give up

I feel it's time

Got a picture of you beside me

Got you're lipstick mark still on your coffee cup

Got a fist of pure emotion


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Beatles Medley


Oh yeah, I'll tell you something

I think you'll understand

When I say that something

I wanna hold your hand

I wanna hold your hand

99 песни

Broken Your Heart

It's good to be near you, even though I'm alone

Reviving memories of our happy home

No sign of sunlight since you ran away

These rooms get darker now every day


99 песни

Could It Be Magic

Spirits move me, every time I'm near you

Whirling like a cyclone in my mind

You're my life line, angel of my lifetime

Answer to all answer I can find


99 песни

Do What You Like

Sugar sweet, if only they all knew

Jam, can't spread no more you've took my bread

Energy, just work, no rest or play

Me, myself I'd rather be alone again


99 песни

Every Guy

Every guy needs a girl like you,

Every girl needs a guy like me, oh yeah

Every guy needs a guy like you, like you

See cause that's how it's meant to be

OK so I've s...

99 песни

Everything Changes

Girl, come on over here

Let me hold you for a little while

And remember I'll always love you


Everything changes but you

We've said goodbye, the taxi ...

99 песни

Give Good Feeling

You've got to hold me, and control my dreams

I want you to fulfil my needs, I feel it babe

Something good is gonna happen

I can't believe in this world I see

I reach out to...

99 песни

Hanging Onto Your Love

Can we talk, thoughout the night I need you so bad

And when we talk can you understand my feelings

And understand it hurts to be without you

Never prepared, never know wha...

99 песни

Hate It

Hate it but I love her

Hate it but I want her

Feeling like I need her

Our love, our love was true

This is the time I feel it

Here in the middle of the night<...

99 песни

Holding Back The Tears

I kind of keep asking myself little questions

Like where do I go from here

I seem to keep loosing track of time and how long it's been

Since I last had you near


99 песни

How Can It Be

It's funny how your life can change

Memories of love remain, inside your heart for all this time

At last you find a different road and suddenly you're not alone

A game of love res...

99 песни

How Deep Is Your Love

I know your eyes in the morning sun

I feel you touch me in the pouring rain

And the moment that you wander far from me

I wanna feel you in my arms again

And you com...

99 песни

I Can Make It

I'm tired of closing my eyes, to picture you in my mind

It feels so cold to be alone

Not sure where I want to be, so close to finding my dream

We need to hold on to all the times ...

99 песни

I Found Heaven

Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, yeah, woah, yeah

I thought I found love

With somebody else's girl, yeah


Walkin 'round feeling so broken-hearted


99 песни

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