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The Time Of Love Is Now

The Time Of Love Is Now

Light up your face

With all the love within you

Say your word

Make it heard

Light up the wind

With all the kings inside y...

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Lofty Skies

Lofty Skies

Sat 'neath the eyes of the lofty skies

We were chained by the rain to the pain of our love

We kissed and cried

Held 'neath the bars of the tangling stars ...

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Which Galaxy are you from

Tell me how they bang a gong

Your world, I mean your world

Your world, I mean your world

Shadow in the alley at midnight

Metal cla...

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Explosive Mouth

Now I'm poppin' a few in the morning dew

Do the monkey wrench,

on a persian bench it's a teenage night

and the vampires are right

And I want to lay my lips on your explo...

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Change change change see it all the time

Look look look

I could write a book about my life

Baby blue I love you

Look look look

I could write a book about my life

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Carsmile Smith Is The Old One

Carsmile Smith he's the old one

Don't you know he's the good one

Don'tcha, don'tcha

Bessy stood by the side of the grave

Like a woman of love would do

She h...

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Warlord of the Royal Crocodiles

Handsome as life

He's our lord and we trust in him

To move like the wind

As our friend and guardian.

The elements and oceans congregate on his brow

And he stalks i...

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The Throat of Winter

O the throat of winter is upon us

The barren barley fields refuse to sway

Before the Husky hag of early darkness

In her hoods of snowy grey.

Winter winter winter


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Stones for Avalon

Let's get some stones

For Avalon

Let's get some stones

For Avalon

For Avalon.

Let's steal some stars

For Avalon

Let's steal some stars

For Avalon...

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The Sea Beasts

The sea beasts scull the waters

Feeling fear for thee

The hawks that tamed the skies

Wish you so well to be.

A Foal in the fields

With the bless of the hills your<...

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Interstellar Soul

Running around in the dawn with that hat

I can see, I am no match for you

Doing the foxtrot on your knees-Garbo Girl,

It's so hard to contemplate you

'Cos you're so full of int...

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The Misty Coast of Albany

Weeping willow woman

Ladled on the arm

Of the misty coast of Albany

With its charm

Pining pillar of the wild willows end

Womanly waiting

For your manly friend.

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The Seal of Seasons

The seal of seasons moved with grace


Upon the Orkney oceans face


She swam and moved

Just like a prancer

A gypsy dancer

A salty shimmered shell of fo...

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Liquid Gang

It's gonna be grand when you take

the hand of the liquid gang, oh yeah

Peter with the heater, he's such a messy eater

He's got frogs in his eyes from telling those lies


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Nameless Wildness

You're like a sanctuary,

a poet's memory

I wouldn't lie

A universe of happiness

beneath your be-bop dress

I wouldn't lie

And I love you, and I love yo...

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Painless Persuasion And The Meathawk Immaculate

It's gonna go, it's gonna go

It's gonna go, it's gonna go

I can see wild flame in front of me

I can see streets built on ebony

I can see men as big as cedar trees


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Sound Pit

Basil Dazzle and her dissolving city

Stella Gazelle and the distraction I bought her

I wonder why, oh why

Debra Zebra and the disgusting gawk

Malice to Pallas at the all...

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Teenage Dream

Surprise surprise, the boys are home

My guardian angel's rung down my telephone

The heat's on mister, can't you hear them scream

Whatever happened to the Teenage Dream


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The Avengers (Superbad)

Superbad tiger running with your brain

Tucked beneath your arms like a devil train

When the angels from the heavens

Meet the angels from the earth

You'll hide inside your cave,...

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The Leopards

We're the leopards (x3)

The leader of the pack lives down in the local drain,

We're the leopards

King Kong built a car inside his brain,

We're the leopards

You tel...

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Актеры, проходившие пробы на роль Остапа Бендера в "12 стульях" Гайдая


На роль Остапа Бендера в комедии Гайдая "12 стульев" претендовали более ста актеров! Правда, в интернете иногда указывают и 200. Стоит ли говорить, какую работу пришлось провести съемочной группе, что...