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Tallahassee Love

Epiphany, E-P-I-P-H-A-N-Y
Definition one: the manifestation of a supernatural being
Definition two: a sudden moment of insight or a revelation
Marinate on the there

Tallahassee Love (ya)

28 песни


(feat. Teddy Verseti)

Ladies and Gentlemen
You already know what it is
Ok, Yea, Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww shit
Im tryin to run in this mutherfcka
Im tryin to anyways
Got two hard lookin muthe...

28 песни


Take a sip of this, drink that, don't it feel good baby?
Take a hit of this, take that, don't it feel good baby?
Take a sip of this, drink that, I'm-a put you on my hood baby
Take a ...

28 песни


[Verse 1:]
The world keeps spinnin, with or without me
And I know, that's hard to believe
And now I'm in a box, with nothin around me
Cuz I found a girl that'll get on her knees (at ease)

28 песни


(feat. Akon)

[Intro - T-Pain]

[Verse 1 - T-Pain]
Broke up with my girl last night so I went to the club (so I went to the club)
Put on a fresh w...

28 песни

Backseat Action

(feat. Shawnna)

(Oh, oh)
I'm bout to pull over, and give you the business holla at me
Can I get a witness?
Now here we go
Now here we go

28 песни

Time Machine

Ya, yaaaaah, yeaaaaah
Tebunan, Pedalofogus, from the planer Telegusa, ya

[Verse 1:]
Ilutium-pu-36 explosive space modulator
Goin on a trip, I'll be back home, boy I'll see you l...

28 песни

Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin')

Shawty Snap (Yeah)
Shawty Snap
Yung Joc (Shawty)

[Yung Joc:]
Ay Ay
She Snapping
Ah She Snapping
Shawty Snapping

Snap Your Fingers Do The Step You Can ...

28 песни

Right Hand

Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah

[Verse One]
Baby (Sit Down)
I Got Something That I Need To Say (Right Now)
Before The Rumors Spread And Make Their Way (Around Town)
I T...

28 песни

Show U How

Man i gotta thang for a girl that i dont even know.
Everybody in the hood say she a ho.
But i dont think so.Ima try you anyway.
I could turn a ho into a housewife a...

28 песни

Yo Stomach

(feat. Tay Dizm)

Some people like thighs (yea yea)
Some people like backs (yea) (six pack)
Some people like booty (yea) and aint nothing wrong with that
Yea..aint nothing more gr...

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(feat. J Lyriq)

In The Back Of My Lex
With The Suicide Doors
Dere A Huh
Hahahah T-Pain J Lyriq Nappy Boy
Hit Me On My Hotline
I Am So Lonely Now
Baby Dat Is Alr...

28 песни

Sounds Bad

Mmm mmm mmm mmm
I wanna dedicate this to my struggling bro
Keep pushing on, keep pushing on

First of the month
Check late
Got nothin to do
Imma roll me a blunt
Got drank

28 песни

I'm Sprung

I'm Sprung...(I'm sprung)
Dawg She Got Me...
Got me doin things I'll never do If u ain't been I'm tellin you
I'm Sprung...(I'm Sprung)
Dawg She Got Me...
Got me doin things I'll...

28 песни

I'm In Love With A Stripper


Goddamn Lil Mama
U know u thick as hell u know what im sayin
Matter fact
After the club u know what im talkin bout
Me and my niggas gone be together u know what im sayin
I aint...

28 песни

Studio Luv

In the studio, in the studio
Studio oh, oh

Girl just close your eyes
And picture me playing your Spanish guitar
Baby where we going, there are no such thing as a ban do (ban do)

28 песни

U Got Me

New York City
All in Los Angeles California
From the drive lanes to the open seas baby
To all my beautiful ladies

(I see)
The first thing I noticed when I walked in the club g...

28 песни

Let's Get It On

Let's Get It on Tonight [Rpt 4x]

[Verse 1:]
It seems as if you just talkin it and don't know what to do (Let's get it on)
I can feel you clenchin got yo body flinchin when I'm touchin you (L...

28 песни

Fly Away

I wish I can grow some wings
And get up out of this situation
I do it with no hesitation, yeah
I wish I can know those things
That everybody else knows
It's my decision, don't need permiss...

28 песни

Going Thru A Lot

(feat. Bone Crusher)

Konvict Muzic... it's time to do it
I can't handle all these bills and payments
This stuff is overstressin me (but I still gotta do it)
Baby mama put me on ...

28 песни

Исторические кадры: от сильных мира сего до приема душа в космосе


Давайте снова окунемся в историю и посмотрим, как заботятся о сильных мира сего и чем они увлекались в детстве, какими странными способами женщины боролись с морщинами, посмотрим на дайверов прошлого ...

История в фотографиях (10)


И так, друзья сегодня в нашей подборке все о кино. Юрий Никулин и Михаил Шуйдин, окунемся в съемки фильма Операция «Ы». Мы увидим Спилберга во время съёмок первого фильма о Индиане Джонсе. Обворожител...

Актрисы, которые пробовались на роль Нади в фильм "Ирония судьбы, или С легким паром!"


Все мы хорошо помним фильм "Ирония судьбы, или С легким паром!", его нам по ТВ показывают каждый год и даже не по 2-3 раза, а гораздо чаще. Роль учительницы Нади Шевелевой сыграла Барбара Брыльска, но...

История в фотографиях (9)


В этой подборке мы окунемся в прошлое. Мы увидим первый МакДональдс и Бруклинский мост. Поразит нас своею архитектурою Усадьба в Муромцево построенная в
XIX веке. Мы увидим каким был Ленинский прос...

Звезды которые пережили похищение


Сидя дома перед телевизором, многие мечтают стать звездой и обзавестись миллионом поклонников. Но не так просто быть знаменитым, ведь на сотню адекватных поклонников приходится столько же неадекватных...