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Shotover Hill

As the rain's coming down well it soaks my shoes
There's a path that I'm on so keep dry
Through the dark a glow that could reach everyone

When I come here I don't feel so alone
It's all right I'...

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Jesus Came from Outta Space

Jesus came from outta space and travelled from beyond the stars
He came down for peace on earth and he left in a second hand car
The old men came to watch their sheep lit their fire while the record...

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Beautiful People

When you look out at night you are surrounded by people
Cracked in the heat again dead on their feet again people
Rings all around their eyes flashing their whitest lies
Taking their medicine 'til ...

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Mama & Papa

Walk in the park, and it's getting dark, and I don't wanna be alone,
Miss my mummy and I miss my daddy won't you please bring them back home,
Fly down the lane through the wind and the rain till the...

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Born Again

Whatever you want it's all right
There's still a place in my heart it's all right
There's somethig calm
You'll need no arm
You're over the moon she said

You keep me warm
In some other form

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I got a girl and her name is mary
I like to shock her on a basis daily
I'd like to push you over into my stream
I'd like to point out that her teeth are green

I'll tell you stories that you won'...

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Moving just keep moving
'til I don't know what I'm saying
I've been moving so long
The days all feel the same

Moving just keep moving
Well I don't know why to stay
No ties to bind me
No reaso...

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I know you're out there
We saw a shooting star
We don't know what you done
You're nearer for a star

But now we know it
We don't know who you are
We don't know what you've done
You're nearer f...

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Yesterday seems faraway and I can see it true
I don't believe you're leaving me with nothing on the tube
Operating slowly as the air is growing thin
Wake me up each morning don't forget to plug me ...

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Pumping on Your Stereo

Can you hear us humping on your stereo
Can you hear us humping on your stereo
Can you hear us humping on your stereo
Can you hear us humping on your stereo
Can you hear us humping on your stereo

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What Went Wrong

What went wrong in your head?
While we slept in our beds,
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

What went wrong in your head?
We played along with what you said,
La la la la la la la
La l...

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In It for The Money

Here I see a time, to go,
We'll leave it all behind.
And you know it's wrong, to fall.

We're in it for the money,
We're in it for the money,
We're in it for the money,
We're in it for the mone...

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You Can See Me

If you like me,
You can buy me,
And take me home,

When you see me,
On your tv,
I'm alone,

You can call me,
Tell your story, on the phone,

You can hear me,
Over blue seas,
I'm alone,


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It's Not Me

Over their heads, I find a place to crawl away,
So many times, I hear the things we used to say,

Into the night, the conversation fades away,
Losing the drift of all the things I had to say,


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Late in The Day

It's late in the day,
I'm thinking of you,
Things that you say.
So long,
So long for me,

It's late in the day,
I'm talking to you
Hear what I say,
So long,
So long for me,

All the time I...

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Sometimes I Make You Sad

Shut up,
The world is getting dizzy,
Some let me climb inside.

There's only one way you can do it,
Just let your mind unwind,

That turns the world as sane, hello,
But the people complain,

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Sun Hits The Sky

I know a place where the sun hits the sky,
Everything changes and blows out the light,
Everyone knows why my tongue can be tied,
'cos I want to live where the sun meets the sky,

I am a doctor, I...

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Going Out

If you want to go out,
If you want to go out,
Read it in the papers,
Tell me what it's all about!

If you want to stay home,
If you want to stay home,
Freedom of the papers,
All you ever need ...

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Lift me up,
And move a bit closer,
Holding on to what I know,

She's the one who lives in the fine life,
I see a side you'll never know,

I need someone to be around,
Cos I'm breakin' into lif...

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We're goin' to the party and you never wanna leave it tonight,
Ya come and see the band, I know it means I should push it tonight,
You know it's just a feeling, but I know I'm gonna see her tonight,...

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Актеры, проходившие пробы на роль Остапа Бендера в "12 стульях" Гайдая


На роль Остапа Бендера в комедии Гайдая "12 стульев" претендовали более ста актеров! Правда, в интернете иногда указывают и 200. Стоит ли говорить, какую работу пришлось провести съемочной группе, что...